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  • 120 Rhode Island Avenue Nw Washington, District of Columbia - Bloomingdale
  • 151 Thomas Street Northwest Washington, DC 20001, USA - Bloomingdale
    Commercial Vehicle parked illegally. This van is continuously parking illegally on the block. Repeat offender.
  • 1610 Marion Street Northwest Washington, DC 20001, USA - Shaw
    Almost 11:30 & no show
  • 1601 5th Street Northwest Washington, DC 20001, USA - Shaw
  • 620 Q Street Northwest Washington, DC 20001, USA - Shaw
  • 500-598 U.S. 1 Washington, DC 20001, USA - Shaw
    This is the second report for trash improperly stored under the steps of the church located at 502 Rhode Island Avenue, NW. THERE ARE MOUNDS OF OPEN TRASH in the basement well. This property is connected to other homes. The first case status says it is complete but I am not sure how that is possible since the trash still remains and it looks as if it has grown. The business needs to be fined at this point. They are in the establishment almost daily but have yet to remove trash that has been sitting there over a week. PLEASE HELP!
  • 1603 6th Street Northwest Washington, DC 20001, USA - Shaw
  • 800-898 Q St Nw Washington, DC - Shaw

    Q street, between 9th & 8th streets NW does not have a bike lane. It used to have a bike lane before the road was worked on recently. It seems nobody came back afterwards to put the bike lane back. Please schedule this.

    The attached photo shows the area with no bike lane followed by the area where the bike lane markings are still there.

  • 1429 5th Street Northwest Washington, D.C., DC 20001, USA - Shaw
  • 16 Florida Ave Nw Washington, DC 20001, USA - Bloomingdale
    There is a constant flow of trash on the grass by the new g2 bus stop at Florida and n capitol. A new trash can by the bus stop would really help this situation.
  • Alley Repair Archived
    1609 First Street NW, Washington, DC - Shaw
    The alley between the houses on First Street, NW between Q Street and Florida Avenue, NW needs to be repaved. Water sits in the alley in more than one place after it rains. This is a health hazard as it is a breeding place for mosquitoes. I have requested that this alley be repaved since 1985.
  • 3rd Street And Rhode Island Ave NW, Washington D.C., DC - Ledroit Park
    West-bound vehicles routinely block the intersection of 3rd and Rhode Island Ave, NW, during rush hour causing hazardous crossing conditions for pedestrians, and delays for southbound vehicles on 3rd Street.