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  • 1401 1st Street Northwest Washington, DC 20001, USA - Shaw
  • 801 Q St Nw Washington, DC 20001, USA - Shaw
    There is NO stop sign @ intersection of 8th & Q St. NW for cars heading on Q towards 7th St. this is a very dangerous crosswalk for pedestrians. Not only are there no stop signs to slow the traffic for pedestrians at the crosswalk, but there are no yellow pedestrian caution signs at either crosswalk. When cars are parked on Q st it is even more dangerous because one must venture into the intersection to view oncoming traffic. It is imperative there either be a stop sign installed here or at minimum there be 2 big fluorescent pedestrian crosswalk signs before someone is killed.
  • 628-698 Rhode Island Avenue Northwest Washington, District of Columbia - Shaw
    Heading westbound on R st NW there are three traffic lights all within 1/2 block of each other at 6th St., Rhode Island and 7th St. These lights are often timed so that motorists have to wait nearly a full cycle at each one. During busier times, this causes traffic on R street to back up into Rhode Island Ave. and 6th Street. Cars heading west on R have no choice but to occupy the bike lane as well as the right-turn only lane between R.I. and 7th. This issue may be related to the bicyclist complaints about this same intersection. It is a dangerous and annoying situation for everyone and could be solved easily with better timed lights.
  • 1515 3rd Street Northwest Washington, DC 20001, USA - Shaw
    Couch dumped as pictured.
  • 75 Rhode Island Avenue Nw Washington, District of Columbia - Bloomingdale

    Peds are given 23 seconds to cross - which barely gets you to the cross in front of Rustik Tavern. When pushing your kid in a stroller, this can sometimes leave you stranded.

    30 seconds would be juuuuust riiiiight.


  • Nw Florida Av & Nw 2nd St Washington, D.C., DC 20001, USA - Bloomingdale
    Old buses
  • Marion St Nw & Q St Nw Washington, District of Columbia - Shaw
    the skull hands are disturbing.
  • 1528 Marion St Nw Washington, DC 20001, USA - Shaw
    Overgrown weeds in sidewalk
  • 200 Florida Avenue Nw Washington, District of Columbia - Bloomingdale
    The new light signal at Florida Avenue and R Street NW is putting pedestrians at risk. On Saturday, July 6 at 10:00 am I noticed that the light only allowed about 10 seconds (including countdown) for walking across 6 lanes to the other side of Florida. This cycle does not provide amble time for someone walking casually, pushing a stroller, elderly, or disabled. Also, with a cautious takeoff in a vehicle (or bicycle) to avoid “light runners” etc. you would be lucky to get more than a couple of cars across Florida going westbound via the 100 block of Florida NW with such short duration. I noticed that this problem existed previously during weekdays, but the countdown was increased to around 23 seconds after the light was taken out of service temporarily. Props for that change; However, I am simply amazed at the lack of coordination on a simple signal light start-up and/or traffic study. It’s time to get it right. Thanks.
  • 1727 North Capitol Street Northeast Washington, DC 20002, USA - Eckington
    This is on the tree lawn of Randolph NE between north capitol and lincoln. It is a huge pile of trash, and rats are infesting it.
  • 229 R Street Northwest Washington, DC 20001, USA - Shaw
  • North Capitol St & Rhode Island Ave Washington, DC 20002, USA - Eckington
    The main traffic light at this intersection is completely broken and ineffective. There is virtually no light emitted from either the STOP, YIELD, or GO light that is visible while heading East towards Lincoln. It creates confusion and is a severe traffic hazard that needs to be investigated and repaired AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.