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I can help people who are physically unable to shovel snow. Reach me at 508-280-9041

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  • 22 Iffley Road #2 Boston, MA - Roxbury
    I have a baby and am currently sick making it extra hard to figure out how to shovel out my car before I have to go to work monday... Any chance you can help? THANK YOU!!!
  • 105 School Street Boston, Massachusetts - Roxbury
    Lack of police awareness on our part of the street. Consistent yelling during daytime and extremely music until 2-3AM at times. There can also be an excessive amount of trash, broken bottles, etc.
  • 44 Robinwood Ave Apt 2r Jamaica Plain, MA - Jamaica Plain

    Car located at 44 Robinwood Ave JP. Parked in a small driveway to the left of the building. Please call 617 522-7307


  • Other City Request Acknowledged
    154 Boylston Street Jamaica Plain, MA 02130, USA - Roxbury
    I was visiting a friend and needed to irk in the neighborhood. No parking spots as everyone had their 'space savers' (which are not legal btw) all over. I moved a trash can so I could park on a public street. Came back to my car 2 hours later and my drivers side mirror was very obviously smashed off by someone on purpose. Guess JP does not want me to frequent local business in this area and spend by money. Also. Since when is VANDALISM ok???? Wish the city or the police would actually do something about this but I doubt it.
  • 260 Amory St Boston, MA 02130, USA - Roxbury
    Drivers speed up and down Amory St. and completely ignore crosswalk at Southwest Corridor near The Brewery.
  • 15 Atherton St Roxbury, MA - Mission Hill

    A lot of shoveling has been done but some remains. Does anyone have any time/energy to lend a hand? I would be most grateful.


  • 40 Iffley Rd. Jamaica Plain, MA - Roxbury
    Dodge Caravan in front of 40 Iffley needs to be dug out, must be left clear behind tailgate. I'm on crutches after hip replacement surgery, can't shovel. Can be done Sunday, or later if necessary.
  • 11 Boylston Street Jamaica Plain, MA 02130, USA - Mission Hill

    Elderly woman needs help clearing driveway and walkways.


  • 3080 Washington St Boston, MA 02119, USA - Roxbury
    Cars are speeding at the intersection of Egleston Sq/Atherton St and Washington St. Intoxicated pedestrians urinating on Egleston Square property and males flashing themselves around children.
  • (pothole) Archived
    69 Boylston St Boston, MA 02130 - Mission Hill
    the entire section of road from Lamartine to Chestnut is slow zone because of the crumbling asphalt.
  • 53 Boylston St. Jamaica Plain, MA - Mission Hill
    Laura needs help: clearing out the disabled parking space at #53 so she can then get help cleaning her car off and then park there. I'm posting this in her place, as she's having trouble posting (it shows up as Boylston, MA for some reason. If somebody can help, I'll pass along the message, since I can't quite figure out how to let you know which Laura it is and how to respond to her...
  • 2 Way Street? Archived
    2 Brookside Ave Boston, MA 02130, USA - Roxbury
    this street is too small to be a 2 way. cars are parked on one side and when people make that sharp left turn on to brookside ave. from boylston st its very dangerous. i notice people that dont know how to drive just stand there and cause traffic because they are scared to pass the on coming traffic since the street is so tight.