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  • 361-399 W Walton Blvd Pontiac, MI 48340, USA - Pontiac
    The eastbound Walton lane markings at Telegraph are worn out, resulting in vehicles splitting lanes and could result in someone in the left lane being forced into oncoming traffic on the other side of the intersection. Vehicles out of their lane is a constant issue here and the situation is dangerous.
  • Isabella And Pickard Intersection - Isabella County
    There needs to be a green turn arrow at the Pickard/Isabella intersection for cars on Isabella trying to turn left onto Pickard. I've sat through several cycles of lights at that intersection on a few occasions waiting to turn left while northbound on Isabella. The visibility for oncoming traffic while northbound on Isabella is also horrible.
  • 22 Mile Road And Hayes - Macomb Township
    They need to adjust the timing of the lights on this corner. The traffic backs up in all four directions everyday. Quite a long backup. They need right turn lane put in on east side of Hayes turning north.
  • Bridge Archived
    North Gratiot Bridge At Wellington Crescent - Mount Clemens
    The bridge over the Clinton River at Wellington Crescent is in desperate need of repair. All 3 lanes will tear your vehicle apart.
  • Woodward @ 8 Mile Rd Detroit, MI 48203, USA - US Congressional District MI14
    there is so much trash piled up here everywhere that it is coming out into the driving lanes. there are people living under this bridge why? This is a health hazard. there are needles out here and food everywhere. Rats are running what is going on out here?
  • 5001-5131 E Broadway Rd Mt Pleasant, MI 48858, USA - Isabella County
    when renassance school lets out, people turning left from isabella onto broadway cannot see if traffic is clear, if there is anyone turning left comming the other way (there always is at this time). It is literally impossible to turn left here saftly when school lets out. I feel i am putting my life in danger each time i try, you cannot see if it is clear until after you have started to turn. They need to either add a dedicated turn lane, or make the second lane a turn lane, and put in a green arrow light.
  • 745 N. Oxford Rd ( North parking lot), Oxford, michigan 48371 - Oxford
    People are not using the parent dropp off. They are dropping and picking up students at the red curb where it claerly states no parking standing, they are making a unsafe enviroment when leaving the parking lot and as students cross over into this traffic mess to go into the school. The safety of the students with parked and leaving vehicles in the driving lanes.
  • 45101-45329 Romeo Plank Rd Macomb Township, MI 48044, USA - Macomb Township
    Currently, one right turn lane exists on southbound Romeo Plank to westbound M-59. This turn lane backs up on red lights, blocking the use of the southbound through lane, creating a safety hazard. New signage and pavement markings indicating this would probably alleviate the problem.
  • 29320-29450 23 Mile Rd New Baltimore, MI 48047, USA - Chesterfield Township
    Something must have recently changed with the lights on 23 Mile Rd. around I-94.
    Traffic on the Eastbound 23 Mile Rd exit ramp is backing up for a mile or so on I-94! This makes for a very dangerous situation because the right lane is dead stopped and not everyone is intent on turning and cars are trying to escape the lane and enter the right 2 lanes which are proceeding normally. Other times, all lanes get congested because of this. This is fairly new, and I have to think it has to do with the light at the top of the exit ramp, or those around it.
  • 57343-57557 5th Ave New Haven, MI 48048, USA - New Haven
    Three directions out of the four (all except Southbound Gratiot) could use a left turn lane but the worst of those is Northbound Gratiot @ New Haven Road. When the light turns red the 1st couple cars approach the intersection left of what might appear to be a right turn lane. Then, all it takes is one car to signal a left turn onto New Haven Rd for everyone behind him to assume the whole LINE of cars is turning left and approach to the right of them. When the light turns green it is absolute chaos.
  • 14167-14293 Hall Rd Utica, MI 48315, USA - Macomb County
    Please put in a light so that shoppers can cross Hall Road from Lakeside Mall to the shopping center north of the mall - where Marshalls, Macaroni Grill, etc. are located. Its like playing Frogger trying to get across. First you have to get across 4 lanes going west, get on a turn around, then cross 4 lanes going west, and hope you don't get hit. ITS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. Not sure how designed Hall Road, but it is dangerous! Put in some lights to cross Hall Road safely from the Mall, put in double left turn lanes and get rid of those "Michigan Lefts" PLEASE!!!!! This should be done from 1-94 to Van Dyke!!! PLEASE!!!
  • 355-399 S Division St Ann Arbor, Michigan - Ann Arbor
    This bike lane needs to be repaved *before* the street is repaved as the auto lanes of the street are in great shape. Please add this on a project to-do list and don't give it to the pothole guys, they tell me it's fine.