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  • Signal repair Acknowledged
    112-152 N Maple Rd Ann Arbor, MI, 48103, USA - Ann Arbor

    So apparently, A2 uses AI to help improve traffic, however, it has *not* learned how to properly allocate traffic at the stoplight at Jackson and Maple. Driving west on Jackson and approaching Maple, there is constantly a pile of up traffic (especially from 4-6pm) and yet the wait for the light to turn green is an average of 3+ minutes. There is never a pile of traffic on Maple. Why isn't the green light longer for the Jackson side? And it seems super inefficient (e.g. Jackson going west + left turn gets a green, then waits, before going east gets a green + left. Often the left turn lane is completely empty before it turns red again) The whole thing could use a rehaul.

  • Other issue Acknowledged
    Granger And State Ann Arbor, Michigan - Ann Arbor
    I can't tell you how many near accidents I have witnessed as people (often young children) attempt to cross the street going across State at Granger. Cars on State are not stopping. This is especially an issue when their is a field hockey match or any other U of M sport. There needs to be a traffic light or a stop sign or at least a sign that has drivers stopping for pedestrians and bicyclists. Steven M Stein MD 248-302-0649
  • 2813-2999 S Isabella Rd Mt Pleasant, MI 48858, USA - Isabella County
    This whole, long stretch of Isabella Rd. has worn down. It's fine on a sunny day, but when it rains, you need to almost drive in another lane to keep your car under control due to the amount of water in the grooves where tires meet the road. This road needs resurfacing.
  • 11198-11598 Metropolitan Pkwy Sterling Heights, MI 48312, USA - Sterling Heights
    The traffic light at Metro Pkwy and Dodge Park is out of sync. After the light before the intersection turns green, motorists then have to wait through a complete cycle of red at the intersection.
  • 19988 Picadilly Rd Detroit, MI 48221, USA - US Congressional District MI14

    8 Mile & Woodward

    I’ve reported our growing sanitation problem at the 8 & Woodward overpass. I plan to continue to do so until we see some real action on this blight. I don’t want my children to see people shooting up and living in filth every time we leave our neighborhood. I don’t want to worry about them riding their bikes through the “encampment”. The city is responsible for taking care of this.

  • 8000-8308 Hall Rd Utica, MI 48317, USA - Utica
  • Market Street And Lapeer Road - Oakland County
    There is no right turn lane. Cars cross the solid white line and use the shoulder as a right turn lane. Many people have been ticketed for doing this. They should repaint the white line so the shoulder could be the right turn lane.
  • Pedestrians Archived
    1087-1099 S Washington St Mt Pleasant, MI 48858, USA - Mount Pleasant
    No one crossing the street ever looks before crossing, and if they do, they keep walking anyway. Bikes rarely ever follow traffic regulations. The drivers are usually extremely impatient, since they have to wait so long to move. Stop signs are fine for the amount of car traffic, but nothing is being done about the pedestrian traffic. Ten minutes before classes start, it's impossible to move anywhere, and the whole street gets backed up in all 4 directions.
  • 217 N. Jenison Lansing, MI - Lansing
    House has been apparently abandoned since summer. At which time the home owner left two large dogs inside for 6 weeks, unattended without airconditioning in 100 degree weather. The dogs have been removed. However, the house is violating multiple codes. There is a large broken window on the north end of the house, there is no secure closure on this window. There are tires piled up in the driveway. There are stains on the front of the house dripping down the white siding. The BWL has turned off power to the house. There is trash in the backyard (trampolines, debris, etc). Since the house is apparently vacant, it was used during a B&E in which the thiefs hid their bicycles in the backyard to hop a fence and gain entry into the backyard of the house where they broke in.
  • Rough road Archived
    2974 3298 W South Blvd Rochester Hills, MI 48309, USA - Rochester Hills
    Dangerously rough road between Cooldige and Beech on eastbound S. Blvd. Cars often swerve into westbound lanes to avoid holes.
  • 5373-5467 U.S. 24 Waterford, MI 48329, USA - Waterford
    from Andersonville to Williams Lake Rd; the southbound lanes of Dixie are like a washboard. Huge ruts and grooves and pot holes all along
  • Pothole Archived
    10400 Moon Road Saline, MI - Washtenaw County

    I would like to let you know that the condition of Moon Road in York Township continues to deteriorate. Last night there were countless cars swerving into my lane to avoid potholes.

    Are there any plans to resurface this road? Willis Road is wonderful to drive now. It would be great if Moon Road could be resurfaced this year.

    Thank you for your time, and I would also like to mention that when the road crews made it to my subdivision after the last snow storm, they did a fantastic job of clearing the roads wide enough for two cars to pass by safely.