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  • 5041-5145 Hatchery Rd Waterford, MI 48327, USA - Waterford

    Every morning there are several parents that, after dropping their kids off, go out onto Hatchery via the exit from the lot (instead of from civic drive where the light is) completly ignoring the right turn only sign and backing up morning traffic trying to get out of there because the rest of the parents have to wait for all of the folks turning in from the turn lane on Hatchery before those ignoring the sign can go.

    If Waterford Police would post someone near there on random mornings (like on bender where they could see and nail easily) they would a) create much needed revenue for the township with tickets and b) make mornings much easier for the parents that follow the law. What kind of message are these people sending to the kids by ignoring the sign anyway??

    If they want to make a left, they only need to drive a tad bit further down the lot and go out with the light like they are supposed to!

  • 43701-44299 Dunham Ct Clinton, MI 48038, USA - Clinton Township
    A light is badly needed on the south side of Hall Road/Heydenreich. I feel like I take my life i my hands every time I attempt to cross over to the far lane to make the turn to go northbound on Hall Road. Traffic is horrible there and it is an accident waiting to happen every single day.
  • 712-798 E High St Mt Pleasant, MI 48858, USA - Mount Pleasant
    At the corner of E High and Mission needs a dictated Rt turn lane. The lanes are now marked for Left turn and straight/Rt turn. Most of the time people crowd over to the Rt where there isn't a turn lane causing a hazard to traffic going straight.
  • Trenton MI 48183, USA - US Congressional District MI15
    The ramping and curved portions of Dix Toledo roads to enter and exit from I-75 have very poor visibility at dusk and a night time. There is no overhead lights and the road markings and signage non existant.
    While heading south on Dix-Toledo and entering I-75 North bound opposing traffic comes into the left turning lane head on to you. The poor visibility of road markings and lack of overhead lighting creates a very dangerous intersection. Bigger and more noticable signage is need to identify I-75 ramps.
    Please take a look and drive this at dusk and in the night time hours. We need help here!!!
  • W. High St. - Mount Pleasant
    Who's idea was it to put in a turn lane where there is no turning possible? The lines need to be repainted to incorporate 4 lanes, two each way, like it used to be.
  • E Kalamazoo St. Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    The conditions of the bike lanes heading both east and west along Kalamazoo are dangerous. The bike lanes are full of potholes, and the lanes are covered in broken glass, gravel, and debris from 127 to Pennsylvania. The debris could easily puncture tires and cause a rider to lose traction. The debris is so thick and expansive at some points that it obscures the bike lane markers. Having a bike lane in such conditions is effectively as good as have no bike lane. What makes this even worse is that there are no alternatives for biking between Lansing and East Lansing unless one rides on sidewalks or risks riding along fast-moving cars on busy streets.
  • Pothole Archived
    10400 Moon Road Saline, MI - Washtenaw County

    I would like to let you know that the condition of Moon Road in York Township continues to deteriorate. Last night there were countless cars swerving into my lane to avoid potholes.

    Are there any plans to resurface this road? Willis Road is wonderful to drive now. It would be great if Moon Road could be resurfaced this year.

    Thank you for your time, and I would also like to mention that when the road crews made it to my subdivision after the last snow storm, they did a fantastic job of clearing the roads wide enough for two cars to pass by safely.

  • 25248 Metropolitan Pkwy Harrison, MI 48045, USA - Harrison Township
    I have traveled both ways on 16 mile past the freeway exits just about everyday for over 10 years. I have to hit/slam the breaks at least once a week and change lanes about 3-4 times a week because of someone turning onto 16 mile from the freeway exit. For some reason people think approaching cars are farther than they really are. Since I am obviously aware, I do take caution but now with the speed limit being 55, I fear there will be many more accidents.
  • Intersection @ Wick Rd & Pardee Rd. - Taylor
    For over 40 yrs citizens have seen accidents -or have had to use extreme caution -at the intersection of Wick/Pardee in Taylor. Other intersections in our community have had "new" street traffic lights installed ... other intersections that did not necessarily *need them as much - seemingly for "cosmetic" reason. The two traffic lights in front of Heritage Park is one too many while accidents occur of a frequent basis just a few kilometers north at Wick. We live in the subdivision behind Sax Save-More and the years of hearing sirens has Got To Stop. We pay taxes. We vote. We serve. We deserve a safer intersection.
    Fix This!! Before it is said that a life-disabling accident or death was Preventable however TAYLOR did not take heed. Wick: there are *three lanes* here. Visibility is extremely hampered* Cars are constantly switching lanes to avoid the left turning vehicles* Oncoming traffic is dangerously spontaneous. HELP and Thank you! We'll see if this gets "fixed" within the next 40 years.
  • 800-802 South Mission Street Mount Pleasant, MI - Mount Pleasant
    MDOT just installed a new traffic signal here, but like the old signal, only traffic turning left off of Mission has the benefit of a left turn signal; traffic on High Street does not have this luxury and in times of heavy traffic, must wait for the yellow to turn. The other day I had to wait through three light cycles to turn left onto Mission. When MDOT was putting in a new light, did they even consider a left turn signal for all directions?
  • 4468 Rolling Pine Drive West Bloomfield, MI 48323 - US Congressional District MI11
    The railroad tracks on both north and south bound are horrible. Only the left lanes are respectable to cross. I sustained a damaged tire which cost me $400 to replace. The tracks have sunken leaving a significant concrete lip that rattles your car.
  • 47337-47521 Hayes Rd Macomb Township, MI 48044, USA - Shelby Township
    Need one additional lane and center lane on Hayes (both sides) from 21 mile NB till 23 mile to ease traffic