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  • Isabella Rd At Broadway - Isabella County
    Isabella Road needs a turn lane for turning left onto Broadway from either direction
  • Kalamazoo Street Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    The Kalamazoo bike lane (as I imagine are all the bike lanes and shoulders within the City) is extremely dangerous right now. It is filled with a thick accumulation of dirt, glass, and other debris (see photo). The bottom of the downhill eastbound stretch right in front of Hunter Park is especially dangerous as it has collected all the debris from the street over the entire winter. Riding over that stretch at higher speeds from going downhill is extremely hazardous, especially because the parallel roadway right through there is laden with deep pot holes. Scary combination, especially if are not aware of the hazard before descending down the hill. I notified the traffic department about this problem area almost a month ago. Hopefully you can get out there to have it cleaned up right away. With today as the first day of Bike Month, it certainly would be appropriate and appreciated to sweep all the bike lanes/shoulders throughout the City. Thanks for looking into this.
  • S Srv Rd Waterford, MI 48327, USA - Waterford
  • 2544 S Adams Rd Rochester Hills, MI 48309, USA - Rochester Hills
    With the construction of all of the shopping on the north/west side of Adams and the trail on the South/East side there are a lot of pedestrians and bicyclists that cross the road here. There is no safe way to get across the road and I expect that if there hasn't already been someone hit here, there will eventually be a fatal pedestrian accident here. A crossing light that only turns red when it is triggered by someone that wants to cross probably be the easiest and safest addition to this stretch of road.
  • 34867-34999 Maple Ln Dr Sterling Heights, MI 48312, USA - Sterling Heights
    For anyone turning right or left from Maple Lane onto 15 mile heading East or West the green light only lasts 3 seconds. Maybe 2 cars are lucky enough to get thru. Please fix this!!
  • 2397 S. Mission - Mount Pleasant
    It is very hazardous to turn left (East) onto Bluegrass from Mission. Traffic gets backed up past the Target entrance (off Mission) and it is difficult to know when and where to enter the turning lane for Bluegrass.
  • Van Dyke And Campground - Macomb County
    When traveling Northbound on Old Van Dyke, there's no stop sign at Campground. For vehicles heading to Campground, there's no need to reduce your speed. The problem is that if a biker is heading Northbound on the path, they're coming from the left, and in the driver's blind spot. It's just a matter of time before there's a bike/car accident here.
  • Potholes Acknowledged
    1301 Joliet Pl Detroit, MI 48207, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    The pothole was covered by a metal plate and caution signs and tape that have been left in place for approximately 3 months. This causes traffic to drive in the oncoming lane to avoid hitting the plates/ signs and is dangerous and could cause an accident.
  • 9700-9720 Dixie Hwy Village of Clarkston, MI 48348, USA - Oakland County
    A lot of vehicles leaving out of the Kroger's parking lot as well as their gas station have to exit here, while the busy road of Dixie Hwy have vehicles pulling in constantly as vehicles are lined up trying to pull out. There is a turning lane on Dixie Hwy to pull in if you are going NW, but the main concern here is not only the frustrated drivers lined up to pull out, its vehicles that are driving SE on this road don't see the vehicles pulling out. This is due to the vehicles in the turning lane that make a right into the parking lot, block the view of vehicles that are pulling out at the same time. There has been several accidents here including sideswipes, T-boning, rear ending and many more!!!
  • 952 East Michigan Avenue East Lansing, Michigan - East Lansing
    The bike lanes along Mich. Ave., particularly in the west-bound direction, desperately need sweeping. There's a lot of glass and construction debris that's been piling up in addition to the usual road debris.
  • 2529 East Mount Hope Avenue Lansing, Ingham County, Michigan - Lansing
    E. Mt. Hope from near the 127 viaduct, going west to past Aurelius. Bad potholes on both east and west routes of Mt. Hope. There is going to be an accident from people trying to dodge them, or driving down the middle lane trying to avoid them.
  • 25 Mile Rd/Romeo Plank Rd/Garfield Rd Intersection - Macomb County
    This is a horrible intersection that needs traffic lights. At present it is a four way stop. No one going east or west wants to stop and most will just slide through. Forget trying to come up Garfield to the intersection...everyone acts like you should not be there and won't let you take a turn. Coming south on Romeo Plank at the intersection everyone wants to make a right hand turn lane where there isn't one. I know there are many accidents there and the workers at the farm stand at the intersection will tell you the same.