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  • 42955 Hayes Rd Sterling Heights, MI 48313, USA - Sterling Heights
    There needs to be a right turn lane from eastbound 19 mile to southbound Hayes
  • 1300-1306 Jerome Street Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    If Jerome is going to be promoted as the recommended bike route parrallel to Michigan Ave. (which it has been and is by many bicyclists and advocates in the area as it is a nice, quiet route through a lovely neighborhood) then this needs a safer, better engineered solution to allow bicyclists to pass through than the current circus tricks one has to do to travel down Jerome.
  • 25 Mile Rd/Romeo Plank Rd/Garfield Rd Intersection - Macomb County
    This is a horrible intersection that needs traffic lights. At present it is a four way stop. No one going east or west wants to stop and most will just slide through. Forget trying to come up Garfield to the intersection...everyone acts like you should not be there and won't let you take a turn. Coming south on Romeo Plank at the intersection everyone wants to make a right hand turn lane where there isn't one. I know there are many accidents there and the workers at the farm stand at the intersection will tell you the same.
  • 27721-27971 Michigan 3 New Baltimore, MI 48051, USA - Chesterfield Township
    need a no left turn sign when exiting (eastbound) onto 23 mile rd. from the Outback restaurant parking lot. Problem is: Trying to turn left, many drivers don't realize they have to go 3 lanes over to go eastbound...the middle lane is an immediate left to go into an apartment complex causing a hazard.
  • Fordline And Northline - Southgate
    Please put a left turn lane in and left arrows for both roads!!
  • Signal repair Acknowledged
    S 7th St & W Huron St Ann Arbor, MI, 48103, USA - Ann Arbor
    The intersection at 7th and huron should have a left turn lane added, if at all possible, along with a left turn light. Traffic always backs up at this light between 4-7pm because of folks turning left and people not realizing and then trying to cram into the right hand lane. If remaining in the left lane was not a possibility, this might reduce the pile ups at this light. The light should also be longer for Huron, to reduce the traffic delay at this light.
  • 2500 S Adams Rd Rochester Hills, MI 48309, USA - Rochester Hills
    In times of higher traffic volumes, it can be almost impossible and/or dangerous to enter the westbound M59 entrance ramp from the northbound Adams road left turn lane (turn around). Either southbound traffic on Adams is coming at speed, or vehicles turning south on Adams from eastbound Hamlin (many from westbound M59 exit) constantly block access to Adams or to cross Adams to use the entrance ramp. This intersection either needs a traffic light or there should be 'No Turn On Red' for eastbound Hamlin Rd. traffic that wants to go southbound on Adams Rd. In times of poor weather, the delayed traffic attempting to get to the M59 entrance ramp also backs up on northbound Adams Rd causing an additional safety issue.
  • 902 Miller Ann Arbor, Michigan - Ann Arbor
    There have been a few incidences in the last couple of months involving people and animals being struck by cars on Miller. At Mack School, the speed limit isn't posted to reflect the law of 25 mph in school zones. Cars are constantly exceeding the speed limit and not yielding to pedestrians, cyclists, or anything else in their way. At the very minimum, the Mack School stretch on Miller seems like it should be posted with school zone signs, warnings, and a limited speed limit. Thank you.
  • 11996-12242 Hall Rd Sterling Heights, MI 48313, USA - Macomb County
    People.... Just because the lane you want to pull out into is clear doesn't mean that someone else can't change lanes and smash you. WAIT for traffic to clear in all lanes before you pull out. Those white dashed lines on the road mean people CAN & WILL change lanes.
  • 39495 Woodward Ave Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304, USA - Bloomfield Hills
    Making a right hand turn to go N on Woodward, while the people traveling S are using the Michigan left to also go N. Unless I'm completely mistaken, the car making a right hand turn has the right of way. EVERY day people cut off the traffic coming out of Bloomfield Hills Pky. while making their left hand turns to go N on Woodward. They do not even pause for the people turning right and cut across all 4 lanes. Makes me crazy. Thery are going to cause an accident.
  • E 14 Mile Rd Clinton Township, MI 48035, USA - Roseville
    They painted in a left turn lane that should not be there.
    Now people going east are using 2 lanes.
    They took a paved shoulder and made a lane out of it.
  • 301–379 W Washington St Ann Arbor 48103, United States - Ann Arbor
    Huge potholes at the bottom of the hill. Today I was going down the hill and didn’t see it in time, popped my bike tire, and was almost flung off my bike. This has got to get fixed.