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  • Green Lake Road West Bloomfield Township, Michigan - West Bloomfield Township
    Green Lake Road is covered with dangerous and damaging potholes, cracks and crevices. To minimize risk of damage to vehicles drivers have to drive substantially below posted speed limit as well as swerve onto oncoming traffic lane (high risk head-on collision). Would recommend that road be closed to through traffic until repaired properly. Properly meaning pavement torn up and replaced. Filling in potholes is just placing a band-aid on an issue that has been festering for years.
  • Potholes Archived
    21400 North Avenue Battle Creek, Michigan - Calhoun County
    Both lanes of North Avenue here are filled with craters so large it is almost impassable.
  • 7961-8583 Metropolitan Pkwy Sterling Heights, MI 48312, USA - Sterling Heights
    The painted lane markings are wrong when proceeding west on Metro at Van Dyke. As presently done Metro effectively narrows from a 3 lane hwy to 2 lanes.
  • 4485 4999 John R Rd Troy, MI 48085, USA - Troy
    John R between Long Lake and Wattles has been badly patched in so many places it is horrible to drive on. The worst section is right lane on the southbound side between Long Lake and Athens High.
  • 14001-14399 Clinton River Rd Sterling Heights, MI 48313, USA - Sterling Heights
    This light has been a problem since it was installed. The road narrows to one lane so everyone races past you if your heading East on Clinton River Rd. Turning lane North on Saal needs to be marked left turn. Have seen several near misses and lots of anger at that light!
  • 38120 Hazel St. - Harrison Township
    Hazel Street between Grover and Coleridge has been in total disrepair for over twenty years. It is time something is done. This road is more like a dirt bike track than a residential street.
  • South Seventh At Waterworks Park Traffic Cones Screwed To The Road Obstructing Traffic Ann Arbor, Michigan - Ann Arbor
    Someone placed orange flags on the pole by the sidewalk and screwed traffic cones to the road. It obstructs traffic to bikes and cars.
  • 1429-1533 N Telegraph Dr Pontiac, MI 48340, USA - Pontiac
    The City has done a good job with this Park but now it's time for more upgrades. Hawthorne Park sits at a great location for a High Usage Park. This Park should be made into a community attraction with Baseball Diamonds, Batting Cages, Bike Paths, Large Fishing Dock, Skate Park and Safe Clean Restrooms.
  • 3621-3733 S Lincoln Rd Mt Pleasant, MI 48858, USA - Isabella County
    Every time I visit Mt. Pleasant and go down Lincoln near the bridge over the Chippewa river where the tuber/canoers load and unload there is barely enough room for both lanes of traffic to safely get around the the people without hitting someone or stopping. With all the work that had been done recently on that section of road there should have been a widening of the bridge to allow for pedestrian traffic and it also should be a patrolled area by police and fines given out to those loading or unloading their tubes near that bridge! Too many times have I seen near misses or tubers walking in the middle of a lane on Lincoln to cross the bridge to the river. Traffic has to stop for them or move partly in the other lane to continue over the bridge. Fix it before someone gets killed.
  • Columbia At Baldwin Pontiac, MI - Pontiac
    Lanes (through & left turn) on both sides of Columbia at Baldwin should be restriped - sure would help cut down on wondering if oncoming traffic is actually turning, or going straight through.
  • Isabella Rd At Broadway - Isabella County
    Isabella Road needs a turn lane for turning left onto Broadway from either direction
  • 600 798 E 9 Mile Rd Ferndale, MI 48220, USA - Ferndale
    I have seen cars driving in the bike lanes on Hilton, both to make turns and using them as a second traffic lane (today it was a dark Chevy Venture, plate PTE INC). Possibly consider installing vehicle deterrents at major intersections.