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  • 3024 21st St San Francisco, CA 94110 - Mission
    Daily there are drug dealers, prostitutes, winos, and assorted miscreants at the public park/playground. They urinate on the street, set up tents, litter, and harrass passers-by. This park is unsafe for children to play at.
  • 3012 16th St San Francisco, CA 94103 - Mission
    Every day, without fail, there are some very messed up people hanging out at this corner. I've watched them deal and do drugs right in front of my office, and have many times wondered whether the guys who pass out in their wheelchairs here are even alive anymore. They're an eyesore and an annoyance to everyone who lives, works, and walks here, and they need help.
  • 2850 22nd St San Francisco, CA 94110, USA - Mission

    Greenish mixed-use building 998 Alabama St./2850 22nd St., on the corner of 22nd St. and Alabama street formerly with three driveways, one on 22nd St. and two on Alabama St.

    One driveway is for a legitimate 2-car garage on Alabama St., but the other two driveways are bogus. The occupants of the building aggressively enforce the other two former driveways as their own private curbside parking, ticketing and towing cars even though the driveways are no longer in use.

    The former driveway on 22nd St. is now an entrance to a hair salon, and the former driveway on Alabama St. leads to a former loading dock which has been converted on the inside of the building to a normal wall and is no longer in use. Neither driveway is used by vehicles entering or exiting the building, although the owners keep an old picture of a car sticking out of the entrance on 22nd St while the building was being renovated over five years ago.

    Both former driveways have signs up indicating the owners will ticket and tow cars, however neither are legitimate driveways. The owner should be required to remove these signs and convert the curbs to normal curbs in order to return the space for public parking.

  • 3118 18th St San Francisco, CA 94110, USA - Mission
    There is an entire group of homeless living out of their cars on 17th from Treat to Potrero, littering, urinating and more on the street. They park their car for days - with no effort by DPT to move them for street cleaning etc.
  • 1349 Hampshire St San Francisco, CA 94110, USA - Mission
    The men living at this house are dealing drugs at all hours of the day and night. A large gang of kids and young adults often hangs around in front of the the property smoking pot, making noise, and intimidating passersby and neighbors.
  • Florida St & 24th St San Francisco, CA 94110, USA - Mission
    Drug Selling on this intersection, around 5:30pm. It gets confused with AA meeting...
  • 3125-3149 25th St San Francisco, CA 94110, USA - Mission
    Large groups gather to gamble next to a kids park of all things - passing around fairly significant amounts of money. When they need to relive themselves they just pee against the nearest parked vehicle - I WISH this was a one off. What message is this sending out?
  • 69-71 29th St San Francisco, CA 94110, USA - Bernal Heights
    This is a dangerous intersection for pedestrians, bicyclists and cars alike. Tiffany meets 29th at an angle making for difficult sightlines for proceeding onto 29th Street. In addition there is an entry drive to the Safeway parking lot across the street and is a popular pedestrian crossing spot (no crosswalks). Lastly Tiffany is a popular bike route and joins Valencia to San Jose so had heavy bike traffic. This intersection should have a 4-way stop (including the Safeway driveway).
  • South Van Ness Avenue From Dubose To Cesar Chavez - Mission
    The speed limit from 13th to Cesar Chavez on South Van Ness is 25 MPH. 90% or more of the vehicles travel above the speed limit, but although informed, the SFPD & the SFMTA do nothing to solve the problem. Mission residents are at significant risk.
  • 385-387 Shotwell St San Francisco, CA 94110, USA - Mission
    Building boarded up and abandoned after a fire has been a safety hazard for years. Rats, roaches, garbage, blight....
  • 16th & Mission San Francisco, CA - Mission
    Some people are feeding pigeons at the corner of Walgreens and Burger King at 16th & Mission Bart entrance. As a result, there are always tons of birds in that area. They fly around, spread dust and germs, and poo all over. Please help.
  • 15th St @ Mission san francisco, ca - Mission
    Big pink abandoned building on the northwest corner of Mission and 15th, 1 block from an elementary school. It is littered with drug dealers and very ill homeless people creating a stinky dirty (syringes, feces and urine soaked sidewalk), unsafe and intimidating environment. Does the city have plans for this building?