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  • Chapel Street And Alden Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Westville

    Chapel Street remains a raceway in Westville with another three accidents at the intersection of Alden Avenue within the past few weeks. Even after the addition of bumped out curbs and medians, drivers have figured out that they can maintain their speed while flying through this area. Unfortunately, the medians in the road have had no effect on the speed and even caused issues with neighbors entering and exiting their own driveways and reduced parking for those with small driveways.

    Perhaps a roundabout at the intersections of Alden Avenue and Yale Avenue will slow speeders down in this area. Another idea, in addition to the roundabouts is cameras, discretely placed in several locations from Yale Avenue to Forest Road, to catch speeders who would then receive tickets along with a photo catching them in the act. Putting up speed trackers or stationing a police car on the street every once in awhile will not slow folks down. Time to remove the medians and try another option.

  • STOLEN BIKE Archived
    720 Edgewood Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - New Haven Police District 10
    I got pulled off my bike at gunpoint as I was riding through Edgewood Park on 10/31/13. The incident occurred under the underpass of the Edgewood Avenue bridge. My bike was stolen. If you see it, please contact the New Haven Police (203-946-6316, case # 13-52011).
  • 1934-1940 Chapel Street New Haven, Connecticut - Westville
    The Q Bus currently does not run later than 7:00 PM on week nights. This really does not work for folks who work in the restaurant industry, work late office hours, want to get food after work or have an after work event or meeting or want to attend evening events at City Hall. As one of the most popular bus routes this really needs to be improved. Please vote this up and share if you agree that the hours for the Q should be expanded.
  • Willard St And Alden Ave. - Westville
    At the intersection of Willard st. and Alden Ave. there are only 2 stop signs on Willard and none on Alden. This has become a stretch of road that has constant speeders and accidents. There are many families and dog owners who cross Alden in this area and we need Stop Signs on Alden.
  • 538-542 Central Ave New Haven, CT 06515, USA - Westville
    Second crash in as many months this morning at Willard & Central. An all-way stop would be much safer!
  • Willard And Central New Haven, Connecticut - Westville

    This intersection badly needs a traditional traffic light (or at least a 4 way stop). It is nearly impossible to see oncoming traffic when crossing Central on Willard due to cars parked along the road. There have been several accidents at this intersection in recent months and numerous near misses.

    The intersection of Willard and Alden is nearly as bad while you are at it!

  • 608-720 Edgewood Ave New Haven, CT - Westville
    The main benefit of the bike lanes here would be to reduce vehicle speeding. It would also make cycling between Westville and Downtown New Haven more comfortable - many residents currently report feeling too unsafe to ride next to the traffic here, which frequently exceeds speeds of 45 miles per hour. See description at
  • 310 Alden Ave New Haven, Connecticut - Westville
    There have been many accidents and close calls at the intersection of Alden Ave and Willard St because Alden Ave does not have stop signs. I reported this issue years ago (Issue ID:2017) but there was no resolution. This summer I observed over 6 accidents at this intersection and many near misses with vehicles and pedestrians. Vehicles (including buses) travel at high speeds through this intersection. I have seen near misses with mothers pushing strollers, children walking and on bikes, and dog walkers. We desperately need stop signs on Alden Ave before someone is hit and killed. Why does the city need a fatality to do something as cheap and simple as installing 2 Stop Signs.
  • 90 W Elm St New Haven, CT 06515 - Westville
    Cars and trucks (especially tow trucks and landscaping vehicles) speed up and down Central Avenue all day. More than half roll through the stop sign at Central and West Elm.
  • 500 Central Avenue New Haven, ct - Westville

    What is going on with this house? It could be a lovely property. There are boxes all over the porch that appear to have been there for years, weed/trees growing out the top of the chimney, overgrown landscape, etc.

    If there are people that live there, do they need help? Can we see that they get it?

  • 203 Alden Avenue New Haven, CT 06515, USA - Westville

    Doyle's is closing at end of April. It would be excellent to have a deli and grocer open at this location similar to Nica's or Romeo in East Rock.

    Does anybody know someone interested in the opportunity? Please spread the word.

  • Drug Dealing Archived
    574 Central Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Westville
    Drug dealing at the brick apartments, if you are looking at the apartments from central ave. it is one of the units on the building to the right, closest to the road. Seems to be that back door closest to the road. Multiple vehicles idle across the street, a guy comes out, serves them and goes back in. Im going to start taking pics and putting them on here.