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  • Central Ave New Haven, Connecticut - Westville
    Traffic speeds on Central Ave in westville are insanely fast with numerous parked cars being hit and totaled. In my own family 3 parked cars have been totaled on Central near Edgewood Ave and a friend farther down Central just past Barton has had their car hit multiple times and a vehicle used for work totaled, destroying their business. As an inexpensive and quick solution, I would like to propose that white lines be painted to designate a shoulder on the side of the street with no parking and a white line be painted 18"-24" from the parked car doors (much the way the snow created a narrower lane last winter with plenty of room to safely open car doors) this would create a narrower feeling driving lane (I think the minimum suggested is 8' wide so there is plenty of room). This would give the street a feeling of being narrower and slow traffic a bit. I just watched a car honk, swerve around a car trying to park and screech away at high speed. It is dangerous for people, and for the many many cars that have to park on the street because many houses don't have driveways or have multiple renters without off street parking.
  • 273 Alden Avenue New Haven, CT 06515, USA - Westville
    Look at all the cars parked on the sidewalk at Westville quality market. This is not a driveway it is a sidewalk but cars are driving out into the intersection from the corner. We really need the city's help to stop this.
  • 720 Edgewood Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Westville
    Is it legal to park a tractor- trailer on city street in the middle of a public park for days . There has been an 18 wheeler parked since at least last week on Edgewood Ave in park . I can't believe it has not been seen by NH police or parking enforcement .
  • West Rock Ave And Yale Ave New Haven, CT - Westville
    Too many people are speeding down Yale Ave between Edgewood and West Rock, as well as West Rock Ave towards Whalley. These streets run alongside a public park, where there are many adults and children, riding bikes in the bike lane, skate boarding, jogging and walking their dogs. The tragic accident that occured this past week should be sign enough that speed bumps are a needed and a low cost way of preventing more traffic incidents.
  • 831 Whalley Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Westville
    Many, trucks, cars, busses run the red lights on Whalley during the morning hours. I was almost hit by a car driving excessive speeds who went right through this light. This happens too often. I never see police enforcement ever. An officer could easily set up on the West Rock Extension and catch people one after the other running this light and help make our city a little safer.
  • 60-112 Barnett St New Haven, CT 06515, USA - Westville

    Drivers routinely speed on residential Barnett St. between Willard and Fountain. Much of this is cut-through traffic trying to avoid the light at Fountain St. and Forest Rd. While cut-through traffic in and of itself is arguably OK, the speeding is not. Beside the traffic noise of fast-moving cars (often 40-45 mph), there are about a dozen kids under the age of 7 just on the half-block closest to Willard - and lots more in a one-block radius - that routinely play near the street. This is a serious safety and quality of life issue.

    A few possible solutions to slow people down would be:
    1) Install two nice big asphalt speed humps (rather than speed bumps, which are shorter and can be very loud when cars pass over). Speed humps do not cost a lot and work very well in substantially lowering speeds - it's an easy fix for the speeding and would probably also help cut down on the cut-through traffic. The only downside as far as I can tell is that snowplows and in-street bicyclists have to get used to them. See photo.
    2) Alternate street parking from one side to the other once or twice down the block, and bump-out or stripe the transitions with chicanes. The bump-outs could create some nice new planting areas, which neighbors on this block would likely and gladly take on maintenance of. Building them is relatively expensive b/c of the curbing, but they could be striped first as a cheap experiment. See photo in next post.
    3) Just allow cars to park on both sides of Barnett, creating what's called a "queuing street" - cars have to pull over and wait to pass one another. This latter approach is a new standard for low-volume residential streets in Portland, OR and is the defacto standard on older streets all over the world. This would be cheapest - just some new parking signs. Barnett is roughly 27' wide, just between the 26-28' wide standard for a two-sided parking queuing street.

    I look forward to hearing other possible solutions.

  • Harrison St New Haven, CT - Westville
    The parking lane of Harrison St between whalley and fountain is normally used as parking for the Mitchell library, the doctor's office, the post office, the nursery school and some houses/apartments. After the storm, there was no attempt to plow the parking lane so it is full of snow from the curb to 4 ft into the street in most places. No safe street parking is available. This is hazardous and frustrating to many.
  • 718 Edgewood Ave New Haven, CT - Westville

    Looking for witnesses who saw an incident that happened today (3/9/10) at the intersection of Yale Avenue and Edgewood Avenue (corner of Edgewood park, Parks Recreation office, Edgewood elementary school)

    Today (3/9/10) at about 1pm my friend and I were legally crossing the road after all lights were red and the crosswalks where lit. We had a double stroller and a single stroller holding 3 infants. During the redlight and us crossing a woman was driving up Yale Avenue towards Fountain at a very high rate of speed, missed me by a foot or two and ran a red light. Had I not been speedy in my crossing, me and the baby would have been plowed down.

    I only caught a short glimpse of the woman and her car because she drove so fast. Her car was an economy sized car, charcoal grey, and I think she was blonde. There was a few cars at the light. If you remember this, please contact me at pcosinct at yahoo dot com. I'd like to file a formal complaint against this woman but don't have the necessary information. I am looking into seeing if there are cameras on that intersection as well. Hopefully it was caught on tape.

  • 52 Mc Kinley Ave New Haven, CT 06515 - Westville
    This house has an inground pool but they took out the fence to the right of the house a few years ago and did not replace it. This is a danger for neighborhood children and pets
  • Sidewalks Archived
    86-114 West Elm Street New Haven, CT 06515, USA - Westville
    Obstructed sidewalk. Folks need to walk on the grass to get by....Can these hedges be cut back?
  • 368 West Rock Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Westville
    This blocks is, per signage, closed to through trucks. Can the police sit on the road and start enforcing this? Large box trucks and bigger come plowing up and down this block all times of day and night, disregarding the signs at the entrance to the block. As the auto traffic has increased on the block it is very narrow and the trucks frequently travel the double-yellow lines into oncoming traffic.
  • 183 Westwood Road New Haven, CT 06515, USA - Westville
    Two males riding dirtbikes on the sidewalk 2039466316 is not picking up. They have been in the neighborhood for 30 minutes. Last seen on Westwood.