Township of Springfield, Union County, New Jersey

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Township Committeeman Ziad Andrew Shehady

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  • 161-169 Baltusrol Way Springfield Township, New Jersey - Springfield
    There are very deep ditches in the road surrounding the old train track on Baltusrol Way just before Bryant Ave. It goes across the whole road. So deep they almost damage my car just rolling slow over them. They have gotten much worse and the road is almost gone around the tracks. You can't avoid driving over them. Please fix it ASAP!!! It can be dangerous.
  • 99 New Brook Lane Cranford, New Jersey - Springfield

    Hi, I normally do everything for my house myself but this winter has gotten to me. I don't have family around and I am a single mom with 2 small children. I really could use help digging out of this storm. Last time I was stuck in my house for nearly 3 days and this storm is worse. Thank you in advance!


  • 6 Albert Court SPRINGFIELD, NJ - Springfield

    Please shovel my driveway,walkway & lift.


  • Dig out cars Archived
    79 1/2 Tooker Avenue Springfield, NJ - Springfield

    We need help clearing snow from driveway and sidewalk. 79 1/2 Tooker Avenue is small condo unit behind 79.


  • 26 Shelley Rd Springfield, NJ - Springfield
    On ramp to Route 22 off S Springfield Ave ... pot hole as
  • Interstate 78 Springfield, NJ 07081, USA - Springfield
    The sign for Rt 24 is a seperate small sign on the right side of Rt 78. There is no mention of Rt 24 on the major signs over the highway where 78 splits local and express lanes. Stay local for 24 and it is a left exit. The major signs need to be changed and made properly!
  • 107 Warwick Cir Springfield, NJ 07081 - Springfield
    Warwick Circle is in need of re-paving. Many pot holes and crevices exist. Adjacent streets Henshaw and Norwood have been completed but NOT Warwick Circle.
  • 40 Ascot Way Summit, New Jersey - Springfield
    Multiple blocks accidentally ripped up during plowing.
  • Potholes Archived
    Mountain Ave Springfield Township, New Jersey - Springfield
    There are huge craters right in front of the high school on Mountain Ave.
  • State Rte 24 Springfield, NJ - Springfield
    24 west from 78 east - merge sign has been missing for years now. Just one more failure of our road department.
  • snow removal Archived
    61 Garden Oval SPRINGFIELD, NJ - Springfield

    driveway and sidewalks


  • Potholes Archived
    Morris Ave At Millburn Ave Springfield Township, NJ 07081, USA - Springfield
    Massive potholes on intersection of Millburn Ave. and Morris Ave.