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  • 17 Lewis St New Haven, CT 06513 - Chatham Square
    This property is condemned according to the city, yet it is completely open and is a serious danger for neighborhood children. This property has been sitting in this condition for almost two years. Plus, prostitutes and drug dealers park in front of the house because it is very dark with no lighting. When is the city going to have this house torn down? Will the city patrol the area so that drug dealers and prostitutes no longer hang out right in front of this blighted house?
  • Tomlinson Bridge New Haven ct - New Haven
    Cars are constantly blocking sidewalk.
  • Entrance To Front St Off Middletown Ave - Chatham Square
    The entrance to Front Street from Middletown Ave/Rt 80 is a dump. It is an underpass filled with weeds, garbage, tags. It is dark, always, making it dangerous. And the fence, allowing anyone access to the river, is broken in several places. Isn't this DOT's responsibility? And what does this entrance say about our neighborhood - one which we are trying to revitalize... The new Q terrace looks great, but it is adjacent to a dump.
  • E Grand Ave New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Chatham Square
    "Its all fun and games till someone loses an eye"There are signs posted on the bridge that say "no fishing from bridge" and the fisherman are continually fishing right under the sign. This poses a very dangerous problem for boaters. As we try to go under the bridge, there are line and hooks dangling everywhere. Some of the people are curteous enough to pull their lines and let you through, others start yelling and throwing things. I have had everthing from beer cans and other garbage to lead weights thrown. Last year a women on a boat was hooked in the scalp by a fishing lure and I have had close calls with lures myself. I have called the bridge operations number numerous times to ask them to call police when there people fishing from the bridge, I have also called police to file a report, still, last night June 8th, I counted 28 fisherman. Will they not act until someone loses an eye and sues the city?
  • 374-386 Front St New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Quinnipiac Terrace

    I need your help fighting recent acts of vandalism in our neighborhood. Specifically, somebody seems hell-bent to destroy the new playground on Dover Beach across from Quinnipiac Terrace. Over the last couple weeks, somebody has torn down two of the fence panels around the playground and systematically destroyed the trash bin there. About a week ago, they dumped all the trash and crushed the bin so it wouldn’t stand anymore. The bin is made of plastic, so I pushed the sides back out as best I could, picked up the trash and put it back in. A couple days later they dumped out the trash again and took the wheels off, so the bin was lop sided and would no longer stand up. I picked up again and tied the bin to the fence. Next morning it was untied, tipped over, and trash was all around. So yesterday evening I removed the broken bin and brought a new, more stable bin from my house and put it there. This morning the trash had been dumped out again, and the bin had been rolled down the street almost 2 blocks away. I know the vandals are coming at night, because we’ve been to the playground in the late afternoon and all is well, but I when walk by every morning at 5:30 am, there is damage again.

    The fence should be repaired asap. We also need a heavy metal trash bin that is bolted to the ground; the older bins in the park are like that and there is no problem with them. And the police should check out the playground and see who hangs out there during the night.

    We need to put an end to this. The kids in the neighborhood deserve a clean and unbroken playground, and research shows that unchecked acts of vandalism are usually followed by other types of crimes. I have called Public Works about this, but so far nothing has happened. Please help, and let me know who else I should contact.

  • Front Street New Haven, CT - Chatham Square
    ATVs and dirt bikes roaring up and down Front St this afternoon, an unfortunate rite of spring despite even state legislative attempts to crack down. Any word from the new Fair Haven sub-station sargenton efforts to confiscate the bikes so far this year. Seems a thin harvest so far judging by today's activity.
  • Front And Grand New Haven, Connecticut - Chatham Square
    A group of ATVs was tearing up QRP tonight. Very dangerous swerving in and out of pedestrians along the park. Police called.
  • 181 Front Street New Haven, Connecticut - Chatham Square
    upwards of 40 dirtbikes/ATV flying down Lewis Street, on to Front Street, right by 20 children at the park. They find strength in numbers, too cowardly to try to terrorize children on their own. So tired of this game...
  • 242 Front St New Haven, CT 06513 - Chatham Square

    No change, pedestrians walking on Front Street must still watch out for driver coming out of the condos near the intersection of Front with Lewis Street. The drivers are so intent on watching for cars headed north on Freont Street that they do not look at the sidewalk to their right.

    At the same time pedestrians must watch for drivers that do not stop at the Lewis Street and Front street, southern directed stop signs and drivers that do not stop at the badly positioned, north directed Front Street stop sign. A different ticket has been opened on the need for speed bumps or something else to get drivers to at least slowdown at these stop signs,

    This is an over all dangerous intersection that must be re-engineered. In the meanwhile the neighborly thing would be for the condo association to put up a sign to remind their residents to look for pedestrians, particularly children, to the right as they exit the parking lot.

    There is a community playground across the street.

  • Hazardous crosswalk Acknowledged
    254 Front St New Haven, CT 06513 - Chatham Square
    The crosswalk at Lewis St Park has no ADA curb cut on the Oyster Cove Condo side. Pushing a baby carriage, one is forced to walk into oncoming traffic that doesn't stop at the stop sign at Lewis and Front as one maneuvers to make the driveway curb cut at the Oyster Cove active driveway.
  • 244-276 Front St New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Chatham Square
    Profane graffiti on jungle gym at park. Some graffiti references gangs. Please remove ASAP!
  • Chapel St New Haven, CT 06511 - Mill River
    How about the stretch on Chapel b/w East Street and James? This is a major entrance to Fair Haven and it looks like a war zone. Sidewalks are dangerous. Weeds are everywhere. The trees are dead. Graffiti. Garbage everywhere. This is a vital stretch that links downtown to Fair Haven and it screams "poverty" "danger" "crime" "neglect" - messages that New Haven needs to work against. Is there something creative that could be done in this stretch? For example, trees simply don't survive - probably b/c of the huge salt piles leaking residue into the soil. Maybe, artistic metal trees in different colors could be created by local artists and "planted" along a stretch with new sidewalks and new fencing.