7th District Councilman

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7th District Councilman
Honorable Cynthia I. Newbille

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  • 3400 E. Broad Street Richmond, VA - Chimborazo
    The street drain across from 340 E. Broad street is clogged. Every time it rains water stands for a couple of days. See attached picture
  • 2200-2248 East Clay Street Richmond, Virginia - Union Hill
    When this round about was installed it was winter and easy to see in both directions if coming down the hill with the park on the right and Alamo on the left (Clay Street). Now that it is summer and the trees on the park side have leaves on them this makes for a very dangerous situation since the vehicles traveling on Jefferson do not have any sort of yield sign and fly through the circle while those on Clay have to be IN the circle before being able to see a vehicle coming at all. Please provide yield signs. I have seen and almost been a part of an accident more times than I can remember in the last few weeks and would like the neighborhood and streets that I travel daily to be safer.
  • 230 N. 32nd Street Richmond, VA - Church Hill
    There is sinkhole forming in the alley behind 230 & 232 N. 32nd Street. I think this may be a leaking sewer pipe. Picture attached.
  • 807 North 24th Street Richmond, VA 23223, USA - Union Hill
    807 N 24th is again overgrown. Moreover the hazardous rusty, jagged edged, and broken fence remains a hazard. This is the fourth report with no change. Next call will be to M. Olinger if not resolved.
  • 3408 East Marshall Street Richmond, VA - Chimborazo
    Construction materials dumped on sidewalk. Owners clearly threw intact toilet onto sidewalk, which has been lying broken in pieces within the pile for two weeks. Owners should be cited for dangerous/hazardous illegal dumping.
  • 606 N. 31st Street Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    I understand that this property is owned but it is vacant. We moved in next door on June 1, 2013 (almost a year ago). Since that time 606 N. 31st property has been vacant and we have never seen the owner.
    This property is structurally unsound--it is leaning in the back. It also has broken siding and holes in the siding in which birds and other animals are nesting right now. A piece of siding came down last week and hit my wife in our backyard (only 3 feet separate our houses). The roof is also in total disrepair with shingles coming off and onto our roof every time there is a windstorm or heavy rain. We are also very concerned that this house is a fire hazard.
  • 2505 E Broad St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    The entire strip of Eastbound Broad Street from 2501 E. Broad to 2509 E. Broad needs to be torn up and repaved. The major pothole in front of Proper Pie has been fixed THREE times in as many months. How many times is this going to be "repaired" before it is done right. A patch that lasts for less than 2 weeks is unacceptable, an embarrassment, and dangerous. Pictures attached taken last week. Hole has gotten bigger and deeper. There is now even an article about this potholes in Church Hill People's News.
  • Other Archived
    2216 E Broad Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    This property is a constant mess. They have not put their trash cans out for collection in three weeks and it is spilling over into the alley causing trash to blow all across the block and attracting pests not mention it looks horrible and smells just as bad. This is in the heart of our Church Hill historic district non the less. Not to mention the building has several tenants and they only have one trash can that isn't even in its proper place. Tired of constantly picking up after these folks! Please do something about them! They don't pull their weeds or remove snow when it has snowed - which is a city requirement.
  • Potholes Archived
    1606 N 31st St Richmond, VA 23223, USA - Church Hill North
    Thank you
  • 415 N. 32nd St Richmond, VA - Chimborazo
    This will be the third request in the last couple of months to have this fixed. Broken upstairs windows, house has been vacant since 2005. Overgrown lot in front and back. glass, broken bricks and trash scattered in front yard, porch is falling apart. Fix it!
  • 2515 E Grace St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    The street lamp was "beheaded" and smashed all over the sidewalk. Glass shards are everywhere.
  • 313 N 23rd St Richmond, VA - Church Hill
    10-12 black trash bags dumped illegally on the sidewalk.