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East Nashville

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  • Ordway Pl Nashville, TN - Lockeland Springs

    Just heard about another accident at this intersection...

    (from neighbors email)
    "We just had ANOTHER accident at Ordway and 17th with injuries. Not nearly as bad as the guy on the motorcycle a few months ago, but the driver side door was hit and this poor old man is trapped in his car screaming for help. SERIOUSLY, what is it going to take!?!?"

    If you want someone to call directly involved in getting something done:
    Corby Boudin - 862.8651 (direct line)
    who works with Public Works - Traffic Engineering Section.

    Corby had mentioned 4 months ago that he would start with painting white lines on Ordway at the interestection, but nothing has been done.

    The city is not dealing with this issue in a timely manner. We need voices to make it a priority.

  • 401 N 17th St Nashville, TN - Lockeland Springs
    The corner of North 17th Street and Ordway Place had yet another car accident on Monday Oct. 3rd. This is a dangerous intersection. Nearly everyday, we hear screeching tires and near misses as cars/bikes/motorcycles cross North 17th street here. Right now there is a 2 way stop sign on Ordway Place. Last month my wife was a first responder to a motorcycle SUV accident at this intersection. Scary. Luckily guy survived. We don't want our kids at risk with this intersection or at risk of seeing something traumatic for them or those involved. We have called our councilman, Peter Westerholm, haven't seen action yet. Please do something! Prevent future accidents!
  • 400-598 Hart Ln Nashville, TN 37216, USA - Inglewood
    Desperately needs a traffic light with all of the traffic from the DMV exiting out on Hart Lane. People speed along Hart Lane every day. Very dangerous to try and exit out onto Hart Lane from Ben Allen or RS Gass with no light there.
  • 1200 Gallatin Ave Nashville, TN 37206, USA - CCSI-South Inglewood
    Why aren't all self-serve car washes in the city closed or roped off since we are under mandatory conservation orders from city of Nashville & state of Tennessee?
  • 207 White Oak Ct. Nashville, TN - Inglewood
    For about the past 10 years we and our neighbors have reported this house has being abandoned/ trashed and the front and back yard as being overgrown. We have reported this to our Homeowners association as well as our property management company and the codes dept and health dept. and the police all to no avail. Finally the homeowners association took the initiative to have the front yard mowed only after I quit mowing it.But that does nothing to remedy the other problems. Now the front window has been stolen. I would like to request this property be cleaned up inside and out. It is an extreme eyesore and is also a heath hazard to us and our neighbors. Anyone can now enter through the missing window ( which we think there are squatters ) and with the trash piled waist high someone will be hurt not to even mention the potential fire hazard it is. SOMEONE PLEASE CLEAN UP THIS MESS.
  • Eastland & Gallatin Rd Nashville, TN - Greenwood
    Trying to turn left off Gallatin Rd onto Eastland traveling toward downtown is left tualmost impossible during commuting hours. A left turning arrow on the signal light would this left turn possible.
  • 501 Davidson St Nashville, TN 37213, USA - Stadium Area
    The bike lane on Davidson street has been littered with broken glass for several weeks and is almost unusable.
  • Gallatin/Greenfield Nashville, TN - Inglewood-Riverwood
    People have no idea how to exit this lot, they are constantly trying to go straight across to Hart Lane. Thus almost hitting the cars turning left from Hart to Gallatin North. I have almost been in an accident once a week for years.
    I propose this exit/entrance be removed, and the parking lots of Walgreens and the bank next door be combined at the rear, so that the only exit to Gallatin is at the light. Thus reducing accidents.
  • 103 Keeton Ave Old Hickory , TN - Lockeland Springs
    This home has many starving dogs in back; have called Anmal Control and Codes but nothing is ever done. Needs an intervention
  • 710 Shelby Ave - Historic Edgefield
    The house on this property consistantly has very tall grass that has not been cut. While sitting in traffic this morning, I saw a rat run across the driveway and into the very tall grass. This property is a breeding ground for rats, snakes and other rodents.
  • Brush pile Archived
    2711 Hody Drive Nashville, TN - Barclay Drive
    It is in the yard of the house next to 2711 Hody Drive but on the whole street there is brush that has been waiting to be picked up by the city (no one can find the actual schedule) but grass is growing all around it and it is the perfect place for snakes and other creatures to nest.