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South-Central Hartford

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  • 51-99 Curcombe Street Hartford, Connecticut - Sheldon Charter Oak
    The parking lot at Curcombe St and Hendricxsen Ave cannot be accessed due to a large pile of gravel blocking the entrance. The lot itself is also not ready for parked cars. The sports teams who pay to use Colt Park are dependent upon this lot for parking and the season has begun. This lot needs to be cleared immediately and the entrances made accessible again.
  • 25 Brunswick St. Hartford, CT - South End
    ATV'S and pocket rockets being driven on Brunswick St. and surrounding area. They are located at 25 Brunswick St.
  • 222 Fairfield Ave Hartford, CT 06114 - South West
    Cars waiting at intersection traffic light ( Fairfield Avenue and White Street) generate extremely loud noise from their radios.
  • 251 Franklin Ave Hartford, Connecticut - Barry Square
    Live rooster living at 251 franklin ave.
  • Barking Dog Archived
    164 White Street Hartford, CT - South West
    Dog tied up on leash in back yard is left outside just about every day all day and barks nonstop.
  • 193-219 Fairfield Ave Hartford, CT 06114, USA - South West
    School Crossing sign has graffitti.
  • 266-290 Franklin Ave Hartford, Connecticut - South End
    Dog Scooper signs need to be installed on poles facing the sidewalk visible to dog walkers. This stretch of Franklin avenue has become a favorite of irresponsible dog owners who refuse to pick up after their dogs.
  • Intersections Of Barker St & Franklin Av + Barker St & Wetherfiels Av Hartford, CT - South End
    Cars parked Illegally on both corners making entry from Franklin or Wethersfield Ave impassable to two-way traffic especially in the morning. I know this is a police issue, but I've called several times and nothing has been done. Also the entire street from Franklin to Wethersfield is full of trash.
  • Dog poop Acknowledged
    Grandview Terrace Hartford, Connecticut - Barry Square
    Dog owners should be reminded that they should pickup after their dogs after they poop. it is a city ordinance that they have to obey . it is nasty and needs to do something about this .plus these people also do not have their dogs warden should do his job.not just getting a paycheck from the city which is our tax dollars.when we call their office they do not answer the phone as if they were really busy . like doing what ? useless department .wasting our tax dollars doing nothing.
  • Dumped trash Archived
    23 Masseek St Hartford, CT - Sheldon Charter Oak

    Dumped trash on vacant lot. Contains numerous items that identify trash property of Jose Castillo & family, 258 South St., Hartford

    Walked by 2/20/10 - bags gone but not the rest of the trash.. and the bags by the east entrance to Colt Park are still there as well.

  • 235 Wethersfield Avenue Hartford, CT 06114, USA - Barry Square
    Windows in attic & others are open - pigeons and other animals are moving in
  • dumped sofa Archived
    273 Franklin Ave Hartford, CT - South End
    Sofa dumped in front of 273 Franklin Ave