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Covering the neighborhoods of Kenilworth, Eastland Gardens, Mayfair, and Parkside.

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  • Kenilworth Avenue NE, Washington, DC - Deanwood
    At the intersections of Keniworlth Ave, Nannie Helen Burroughs, and Douglas Streets, the traffic during rush hour is horrid. Because the traffic signals are not in sync, drivers crowd the intesections going toward Nannie Helen Burroughs and traffic is a major stand still. I've witness police officers manuever their way through the congestion, but NONE of them have ever ticketed drivers for blocking the streets nor do they help provide order to a chaotic drive, PLEASE HELP.
  • 1500 Kenilworth Avenue Northeast Washington, DC 20019, USA - Deanwood

    LOCATION...This is on the 295 southbound UNDERPASS between Eastern Avenue & NHB on Kenilworth Avenue.

    Weeds and bushes are continuing to grow into the roadway and trash & debris collect here regularly and it is rarely cleaned. Thank you.

  • 700 - 1600 Kenilworth Avenue Ne Washington, DC - Deanwood
    Excessive trash along the Anacostia Freeway North and South Bound service lanes from the DC/MD line to East Capitol Street. Trash is especially heavy at Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue and the CSX train overpass and viaduct.
  • Minnesota Ave And Grant St Washington, DC - Deanwood
    There is no X-walk between Minnesota Ave & Grant St but there is a Metro station there.
  • 1015 Kenilworth Avenue Northeast Washington, DC 20019, USA - Deanwood
    The auto shop at 1015 Kenilworth Ave NE always stores their trashed vehicles and tow trucks along the street for days or weeks. This is 2 hour parking! These trashed vehicles also leave auto debris all over the roads, which is DANGEROUS. The auto shop a little further down on Kenilworth has at least 5 cars parked on the street that have no tags. Again, This is 2 hour parking and they've been there for weeks. This is not ok. Please ticket and tow!
  • Nannie Helen Burroughs Ave Ne Washington, DC 20019, USA - Deanwood
    This is a regular problem every year's and trying to get a Headstart before It gets out of hand
  • 4204 Meade St Ne Washington, DC 20019, USA - Deanwood
    need automated enforcement via ticket cameras or at least speed humps on Meade st . they will run the stop sign on Meade and 42nd
  • 4416 Nash St. Ne Washington, DC 20019 - Deanwood
    There is an area in the back by the garage that has excessive vegetation. I killed 2 snakes over the weekend in that area.
  • 1013 Kenilworth Ave Ne Washington, District of Columbia - Deanwood
    There's a no turn on red sign. The sign needs to be upgraded to state no turn during the morning and evening peak times. Otherwise, you should be able to turn right on red like in other places throughout the city. This will enhance the flow of traffic during non peak times. Many people already illegal turn there in the evenings after the peak time.
  • Roadway Signs Acknowledged
    1101-1179 40th St Ne Washington, DC, 20019, USA - Deanwood
    There are two speedbumps, and one of the south-bound signs warning drivers of the speedbump is missing
  • 1001-1045 Anacostia Freeway Washington, District of Columbia - Deanwood
    At this intersection the grass has not been cut this season and trash has not been picked up.
  • Tree Removal Acknowledged
    4204 Meade St Ne Washington, DC, 20019, USA - Deanwood