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  • 414-610 Swain Ave Meriden, CT - Meriden
    The road between Yale Ave and Kyle Ct is in drastic need of repair. Drivers are driving on the wrong side of the road due to the terrible asphalt on the road. Extremely DANGEROUS!
  • 1064 E Main St Meriden, CT 06450, USA - Meriden
    Please make these lights on E Main street flashing yellow/red lights at night. I hate having to sit at a red light for 5 minutes at 3 am when not a single car is around.
  • 118 Gale Ave Meriden, CT - Meriden
    A small white dog from 118 Gale Ave wanders off property & crosses the street by itself to pee .One day it will be part of Gale Ave. Doesn't have a collar or tags.
  • 551 New Hanover Ave Meriden, CT 06451, USA - Meriden
    I travel down New Hanover Ave's hill toward Main Street South Meriden almost on a daily basis. I stop at all stop signs however I have almost been rear ended or because others in back of me near rear end me they swerve into the oncoming traffic lane to avoid rear ending because they themselves do not stop at the stop sign. In fact, all the times I have been in back of others, never have I witnessed anyone stopping at that stop sign going around the bend. Need camera to evidence rear end accidents when potentially in a "hit and run" rear ended accident
  • 50-98 Norwood St Meriden, CT 06450, USA - Meriden
    There is no reason the city should rely completely on chemicals, the roads are way too narrow.
  • Meriden, CT 06451, - Meriden
    All over meriden there are all these pole lights not working and for months they remain not working. Too many to mention. Shame on those responsible for such repairs.
  • Swain Ave. - Meriden
    putting a no tractor truck sign on swain ave.trucks are pulling down cable wires and electrical lines year after year.They are speeding down swain and there are children playing and riding bikes.most of the trucks are with tall trees on the back to be planted.
  • 76 First North Street Meriden, Connecticut - Meriden
    Reported from my mobile device
  • 1-49 Mckenzie Ave Meriden, CT 06451, USA - Meriden
    this road has been patched up multiple times. its a mess and its all coming up and the holes are getting bigger. its extremely bumpy and not easy to walk on either
  • craters Archived
    Wilbur Cross Highway wallingford/ meriden, CT - Meriden
    when is cheapo connecticut going to fix , craters that are ruinning my truck fro exit 66 north bound to exit 68. that section of roadway is so ruff my alignment is way out of wahack because of these big pot holes and they are right across the state highway garage. on meriden town line
  • 79-113 Centennial Ave Meriden, CT 06451, USA - Meriden
    I would love to see something done about the people who park in the Fire Lane in Centennial Plaza. Everytime I stop in there are cars lined up. Laziness shouldn't come before public safety.
  • Wilbur Cross Pkwy & E Main St Meriden, CT 06450, USA - Meriden
    I have noticed a lot of garbage around the city, especially near many of the entrance and exit ramps, such as the one on E. Main St. from the WCP and also the one from W. Main St. to 691. In addition I often see a lot near the corner of Broad St. and E. Main St. in the gravel parking lot.