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  • 31 Ables Run Drive Absecon, NJ 08201, USA - Absecon
    The stench is again overwhelming in Absecon ! its been happening every weekend , so foul and strong ! totally disgusting and causing home occupants extreme distress! From the acua dump
  • 25 Ables Run Drive Absecon, NJ 08201, USA - Absecon
    The stench from the landfill is again ! every weekend , filling my home so i can not breathe and or sleep its really disgusting that over five years of complaints snd this odor issur still exists
  • 5200 Ventnor Avenue Ventnor City, New Jersey - Ventnor City
    We have heard that the bldg. at 5200 Ventnor Ave is going to be torn down and condos will be built. Is this true? If it is, how high will the bldg. be?
  • 19 North Dorset Avenue Ventnor City, New Jersey - Ventnor City

    Of the 16 lights on the Dorset Avenue bridge, 12 are burnt out and a number of those also have broken globes.

    This matter was reported on a rather public forum with 3700 members, consisting of Ventnor full-time residents, seasonal homeowners, and non-residents who own businesses in the town. As such it has a high degree of visibility. Please dispatch a maintenance crew with bulbs to replace what has burnt out. Please ask the crew to take an inventory of broken globes so that replacements can be ordered. And image is being uploaded of the resident posting alerting everyone to the situation on the bridge. Thanks in advance for your prompt attention to this matter which has high visibility.

  • 18 North Nashville Ave Ventnor City, New Jersey - Ventnor City
  • Traffic Open
    Mill And Fire Roads - Atlantic County
    around rush hour if you are on Fire Road going towards Mill Road you will be sitting at the light for a good 15 mins. Traffic gets back up all the way down to the Lexus car dealership.
  • 5215 Winchester Ave Ventnor City, NJ, 08406, USA - Ventnor City
    This property bulkhead is entirely gone. The weather has taken back and formed a cavity out to the street beyond the curb line. the sidewalk is hollow underneath. if a vehicle pulls onto it, it will collapse.
    Under ordnance 2017-16 shouldnt the owner be forced to repair his bulkhead or face fines/ community service/ jail time???
  • Nuisance Archived
    29 South Nashville Avenue Ventnor City, New Jersey - Ventnor City
    This is ridiculous
  • Bucket Request Acknowledged
    101 S Harvard Ave Ventnor City, NJ 08406, USA - Ventnor City
    Vines growing behind 6204 Atlantic Ave. and 102 South Harvard Ave. are climbing up the electric and phone poles and can be a fire hazard.
    They are also breaking through the fences behind my property and my next-door neighbors at 101 and 103 South Sacramento Ave. Can you please either ask the owners to cut them down or have the city cut them down or advise who I can contact at the phone company or electric company because it could be a fire hazard. Thank you
  • 399 Revere Ave Northfield, New Jersey - Northfield
    Great new addition to the 300 block of Revere Ave, with the new car junk yard - truck on a trailer, car on the lawn, and if you like boats they have one of those too.. another disgraceful eyesore in an otherwise decent place to live
  • Beach... Ventnor City, New Jersey - Ventnor City
    I visited the beach in Ventnor, Nj this past Sunday. It was a quiet and relaxing experience for the first few hours. Shortly thereafter, 2 men began setting up a tent and at least 20 chairs in a circle. Although there was a lot of space in other areas, they very close to me and a friend of mine so we had to move. We also happened to be the only minorities on the beach for quite a distance. The 2 men began drinking beers (liquid courage). When more members of their party arrived, one of the 2 borrowed some sort of hammer from a vendor and set up an American, Irish, and Trump 2020 flag. They stated that they intended to be there all night. Given the racial climate in our country, we found their gestures to be offensive and threatening. This cause me great disappointment and frankly, anger. The beach for most is a calming, happy place. Instead, my friend and I were essentially uprooted and decided to leave the beach. While there is freedom of speech, there was definitely an agenda here and it was fueled by hate and alcohol.
  • 212 N Derby Ave Ventnor City, NJ, 08406, USA - Ventnor City

    Yard is unkept in this abandoned house. It is an eyesore to the entire neighborhood.

    Also under Ordinance 2017-16 I thought all property owners were required to maintain their existing bulkhead where has this one is half away rotted and eroded away at one of the spots where it floods worst in the entire island!
    Why isn't it being enforced?
    Cant ventnor do something about this?