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  • 227 Brainard Rd Enfield, CT, 06082, USA - polytest
    Dell st sidewalk not cleared.
  • 2-26 Nutmeg Dr Town of Enfield, CT, 06082, USA - polytest
    Content blocked by rejections
  • 3 Bernardino Ave Enfield, CT, 06082, USA - polytest
    Hello, the business behind my house has been digging out dirt and has cut down tree's that were on my property. Currently the property stakes has been taking out, I am afraid he is taking my land away when he is digging. My phone number is 860-970-9944
  • Dicardee Drive Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    Commercial vehicle parked on a residential street. Owner parks the truck behind his house, on our street, when his address is actually on the adjacent street. Many complaints have been made in the past, and he always returns to parking his vehicle illegally. Action needs to be taken.
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    1022 Enfield St Enfield, CT 06082, USA - polytest
    wires hanging lower than usual
  • Other Open
    1022 Enfield St Enfield, CT 06082, USA - polytest
    wires hanging lower than usual
  • 2 Madison Rd Enfield, CT, 06082, USA - polytest
    vehicle has N.Y. plates FLB-5260 living at this address for years.
  • 2 Pheasant Hill Dr Enfield, CT, 06082, USA - polytest
    My house is adjacent to a buffer zone. I have extreme flooding in the back yard. I spoke to the association president regarding the flooding. During a walk through the neighbor I noticed my neighbor had cut down trees and shrubs in the buffer zone. The neighbor's house face Weymouth Road.
  • 30 Tyler Rd Enfield, CT, 06082, USA - polytest
    snow still on sidewalk
  • 16 Stony Brook Road Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    Property upgraded with new kitchen, bath, additional bath and other interior improvements without permits.
  • 39 Glendale Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    Owners flipped the home without pulling permits
  • North Maple St Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    Enrico Fermi and Mark Twain tennis/pickleball courts are in deplorable conditions. The courts are so cracked that you can't play a game of pickleball or tennis without worrying about breaking an ankle or having to miss shots because the ball has hit a crack and bounced out of court. Why have these courts been allowed to deteriorate so badly? Why haven't they been maintained? We pay very high taxes in this town and why aren't some of these dollars going to repair and promote healthy community/family activities. Why must my family go to Somers or Suffield to play. Worse yet, we find ourselves crossing in to Mass to play on safely maintained courts. Please contact me at 860-508-6897 or crankerfamily4@gmail.com. Please don't let the excuse be that the town has no money in the budget. These courts haven't had maintenance in years and the council should be ashamed!