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  • 40 Church St. Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    The house next door to me caught on fire a week before xmas. Since then the landlord has gutted the inside. Now the dumpster has been there for 3 months empty 3 times. Now every one is dumping tvs and digging them out for scrap. Every time I mow the lawn, there is glass from broken tvs. There is nails and burnt wood every where. My 8 year old plays out side.and has already got cut on her foot. Please contact the landlord of 40 church st to have it removed. Sick of looking at it.
  • 22 Rocket Run Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    Rocket Run the road is literally falling apart . There are huge pot holes and loose gravel everywhere ! and this photo is one of at least 20 + the rd is a mess
  • 132 South Road Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    Has anything been done about this place yet. I was just looking at the delinquient tax and this place is on the hook for $19,243.62. I find it funny that the town still lets them get away with not mowing or taking care of the property and also not paying taxes. I notice they are an out of state owner in NY. Good to see Enfield is being taken advantage of while residents take care and follow the rules and pay their taxes these people get away with having an eyesore and a property value dropping plaza like this.
  • Road Repairs Archived
    28-32 Sam Street Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    The roads for this entire neighborhood are extremely despicable, and need to be completely overhauled and redone entirely. I live on 51 Kimberly Dr and I am pregnant, these roads are a serious concern for my baby's health. There is no reason I should have to hold my belly when going 20MPH down the road worried that some serious bump will hurt my unborn baby. Considering my medical history of a Placental Abruption, and loosing one child I would hate to loose another child because of this towns lack of attention to this neighborhoods infrastructure. Not to mention all the residents, buyers, sellers, and visitors who are fed up with the amount of damage done to their vehicles. I demand temporary repairs to be made until the roads can be permanently repaved the correct way...flat. Please consider putting our taxes towards something that would make this neighborhood a pleasant place to drive in and out of, instead of continuing to ignore what could turn into petitioning, or receiving bills for car repairs. I have lived here for all my life and have never seen anything done. Now would be the time. Thank you for reading.
  • 16 Glendale Road Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    Where do I start. This property is a complete disaster. There are a million cars parked all over the place and on the lawn, they are running a commercial business out of there so there are vehicles and equipment all over. They take down trees and brush and put it all over their yard. The house looks like it is in disrepair as well. Probably the worst thing is they are always having loud parties with a lot of people and they have FIRES THAT ARE MASSIVE and there is smoke everywhere. The fire department has been called before but they don't do anything. They are basically burning all the stuff they get form their business in their backyard. Please do something about this as it is a concern for multiple neighbors.
  • 12 Ellis Rd Enfield, CT - polytest
    This homeowner has junk piling up on the side of his house as well as a huge mound of soil and grass on his driveway in the front. Many people have been complaining about it as it make the neighborhood look bad and it brings down property value and nothing has been done
  • 16 Pheasant Hill Dr Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    Good Morning! I've spoken to someone in the zoning office and obtained the name of the party believed to own the strip of land behind our home. I've since had them come out to view the property and they seem to think they don't own that portion of the development. I've ran in to a wall as far as information goes. Last year or two I did some research to see who owns the property and came up with a man in Hong Kong, yes Hong Kong - however, I'm not entirely certain that's true or not! I'd greatly appreciate some help in locating the name of the person or persons responsible for the land behind our home - it's overgrown and there are extremely large trees that will most definitely not survive this winter.
  • 24 Buchanan Road Enfield, CT - polytest
    Property has hedges growing over 10 feet and into the street, inhibiting travel and completely blocking street sign. 6 foot fence on corner of property limits vision around corner and is a danger for motorists and pedestrians entering and exiting adjacent street.
  • 1-19 Guild Street Enfield, CT 06082, USA - polytest
    New owner has not done anything with property.
  • 410 Enfield St. Enfield, CT - polytest
    Baco's Pizza and Natalia's Alterations have several high output light fixtures on the exterior of their buildings. Currently, there are two utility poles at the front of each property where there are two (one on each pole) 1000 watt high pressure sodium flood lights that are the majority nuisance factors. These flood fixtures are on from dusk to dawn. In addition to the two luminaire flood lights mentioned previously, the facade to Baco's pizza has a minimum of eight unshielded, non-performance type of wall pack fixtures. Baco's buidling mounted lights seem to be on a timeclock and the fixtures switch off by 11:00 PM. Natalia's Alterations also has non-conforming illumination on the facade with a what looks to be a 250-400 high pressure sodium flood light on the back of her building/home. The exterior lights on Natalia's Alterations are on from at least dusk to dawn and sometimes 24 hours.
    The ordinace that I've referenced:
    7.10.6 Outdoor lighting.
    All external illumination shall be directed or shielded in such a manner that the source (bulb, tube, etc.) of light will not be visible from any street or from any adjoining property. No light shall be directed outside the lot where it originates. All lighting shall be shielded or otherwise designed to provide down lighting so as to minimize night glare.
  • 1430 Enfield Street Enfield, CT - polytest
    Totally not acceptable from the USPS. This location was visited in the last week and I was very appalled when I walked in. The SMELL, the ancient interior, dirty and small conditions. No wonder why I see very few cars and the hours are very limited. Is this building up to code on the electrical, building standards, public safety, etc...? Interesting floors. Even though the only ones who may appreciate this condition are the 'centurions', why is this in such disarray when the postal service is claiming money issues. Close this one if it cannot be brought up to date. It will probably cost less. I do not think that any one is looking for a working, smelly museum in Enfield, CT right now...
  • 299 Elm St. Enfield, CT - polytest
    There is no safe pedestrian access to the nice Senior Center @ 299 Elm St., only a vehicular driveway. Request new sidewalk with curb-cut to meet ADA requirements at existing painted crosswalk.