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  • Enfield Street School Playground Enfield CT - polytest
    The plastic tic-tac-toe pieces on the large playscape are broken. Sharp edges, plus the game itself is unusable. I wouldn't think the new pieces are too expensive, should be an easy fix...?
  • Bp? Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    is this a BP brand gas station? There are still no signs out front even though they were reported before.
  • Freshwater Blvd enfield, CT - polytest
    The left turn arrow turning into the Enfield Square does not work properly making it very dangerous trying to see beyond traffic sitting at the opposite side waiting to turn into Stateline Plaza. Needs to be fixed.
  • Road Repairs Archived
    18 Somers Road Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    Please please please take the time to go to Somers Road and see how terrible the road is. People are always on driving down the middle of the road to try and avoid the huge potholes. It goes the whole length from the Somers/Enfield town line to the stop sign. It is so unsafe the way folks have to drive to try and make it through that stretch of road. Please being repairs as soon as possible. It is getting worse every single day.
  • 368 George Washington Road Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    Poor visibility reported at corner of George Washington & Birchwood Roads
  • Meadowlark Road Enfield, CT - polytest
    PLEASE I am begging someone to change the speed limit on out street to 15 mph and put a cop on our street. It is outright dangerous on this road now!! All that was done last time was a speed ticker was put at the end of the road near where people have this upcoming stop sign anyway. Something has to be done, please help the residents of Meadowlark Road.
  • Till St Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    why do people get to block the sidewalk with their vehicles all the time. See it all over Whit acres and nothing is ever said about it.
  • 22 Westerly Dr Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    front of the boat still is in front of the house line by 8 feet ,
  • site lines Archived
    Barrett & Raffia Road Intersection Enfield, CT - polytest
    sight line entering Raffia Road from Barrett Rd is hindered by weeds that are more than 4 feet tall. Higher than the anchor fencing. Also turning into Barrett from Raffia the bushes extend out into Barrett Road making entry hazardous as cars make wider turns
  • 8-10 White Street Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    There should be a "no parking this side of street" sign on the "even" numbered side of the street. That sign was taken down by a snow plow several years ago. Cars park directly across from each other making it difficult to pass through. My fear is the obstruction might block an emergency vehicle. Can a sign be reposted or can this please be addressed?
  • Speeding Archived
    112 Post Office Rd Enfield, CT - polytest
    Well, school is back in session, time for the "jerk" to come back out in people. I live right across from the CREC Public Safety Academy and witness speeders every morning and afternoon. This morning while leaving for work, I was putting a bill into my mailbox (with my 2 year old) and saw my neighbor pull left out of his driveway, another driver actually sped up to get right on his bumper and then proceeded to "floor" it and sped around him! For what purpose?! Right in front of the school too!! There are kids all around this area, I have a toddler too! Something needs to be done to correct the traffic in this area because "School Zone" and "MPH" signs are not cutting it. Can we please put a stop sign or something at that corner where Post Office meets Oliver? There used to be an island there that helped control traffic but was removed a couple years ago, ever since then we've been having more problems with people driving on our road. Please help! I do not want it to get to the point where someone gets hurt (or killed) before something is done about this!
  • 456-466 Hazard Avenue Enfield, Connecticut - polytest
    A stretch of chain link fence was damaged over the summer during tree work. It's getting worse recently... Also the run of sidewalk and guard rail here is badly in need of a trimming.