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Better Fairlington ( Fairlington neighbors).

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  • S Washington Blvd Arlington, VA 22204, USA - Foxcroft Heights
    Left lane gets slightly wider than markings simply stop forcing a sudden merge with adjacent lane on a curve. There are two signs but vehicles entering from I-395 south don't see these warnings. These drivers may be seeking same lane as those coming from I-395 north if they are not heading east on Columbia Pike.
  • All Streets Arlington, VA - Ballston-Virginia Square
    Not just Arlington, but the entire Metro area should post signs for cyclists reminding them that they have the same traffic laws to follow as vehicles. Too many times I've seen near misses because bikers want to ignore the rules of the road.
  • N. Pollard St. And Wilson Blvd. Arlington, VA - Ballston-Virginia Square
    There is high pedestrian traffic at this intersection, but no pedestrian safety measures. A stoplight with pedestrian signals would dramatically improve pedestrian safety at this intersection. At the very least, signs telling cars to stop for pedestrians would help. The intersection is also unsafe for drivers attempting to turn left from Pollard to Wilson, as the Wilson traffic is often speeding and the road curves there, harming visibility.
  • Arlington Blvd And North Rolfe Street Arlington, VA - Radnor-Ft Myer Heights
    The speed limit for the off-ramp for the N. Rolfe street exit on 50 East is 25. Vehicles constantly travel in excess of 50-60 mph. This area of the access road is frequented by runners, bicyclists, dogs, children and other vehicles entering onto Arlington Blvd. from N. Rolfe.
  • Entrance To 395-S From S. Glebe Road Arlington, Virginia - Nauck
    When taking the ramp to 395-S from S. Glebe road, you have to merge with traffic coming off 395 before you can get on. There is NO merge space and the oncoming cars are coming up a hill and around a corner, making the merge practically blind. Far too often, a car will pull out to merge and then have to slam on their brakes because they can then see an oncoming car--if people behind them have already started to go, an accident is imminent. I was involved in an accident here and the Arlington police that responded said they have tons of accidents here, but that since it's an entrance to an interstate, Arlington can't fix the problem. If Virginia needs to make the fix, they need to know about it. Please help get the word out so a safer solution can be reached!!
  • Mt Vernon Trail Arlington, VA 22202, USA - Arlington
    Some type of barrier is needed in 3 locations in the airport area to address the situation where a cyclist riding this unlit path could hit ice, gravel or other obstacle, or simply not be able to see and land in the roadway where the bike path is within 1-3 feet of the highway lanes and not separated by grade.
  • 1700 N Moore St arlington, va - North Rosslyn

    Grate which is in middle of N Moore street (in front of Tivoli restaurant) poses a hazard for bicyclists. The outer edges of grate are placed too far away from pavement causing a unsafe gap in street which allows a bicycle tire to get caught .

    This happened to me today and i fell off my bike as my tire got caught causing a car which was next to me to swerve dangerously towards the curb to avoid hitting me

  • Chain Bridge At Va-123 Arlington/DC, va/DC - Arlington
    When the 3rd lane re-opened on Chain Bridge following construction, it was supposed to go back to the previous traffic pattern - the center lane is inbound during the morning rush and outbound during the afternoon rush. There are signs to this effect on the bridge. However, many VA-bound commuters in the morning are taking it upon themselves to veer into the oncoming traffic in the center lane because they don't feel like waiting for the people turning right onto Chain Bridge Road (VA-123) from the bridge. Usually 5-10 cars are doing this when I pass through in the morning, heading to DC. It's a safety hazard, and the traffic is backing up on Glebe Rd. again because the center lane is being used by the reverse commuters, who aren't supposed to be there. I know the bridge itself is DC, and DC should improve the signage on the bridge so that it's clearer, but the crashes are going to happen in Arlington because that's where the intersection is. Can the Arlington Police set up a traffic stop at the pull-out road just on the other side of the intersection to ticket the people who are using the wrong lane?
  • At Wilson Blvd And Glebe Rd Arlington, Va - Ballston
    Due to construction, there is a 'blind' crosswalk on the intersection of southbound Glebe rd and Eastbound Wilson. A driver making a right on to Wilson can not see people in the crosswalk due to the construction barrier. The crosswalk is placed out of sight of the driver, making them unaware if pedestrians are already crossing. The pedestrian walk way in which people emerge is only made worse by the fact that the Builder's advertisements create a 'tunnel' effect in the sidewalk, limiting views both in and out.
  • 2711 2775 S Arlington Mill Dr Arlington, VA 22206, USA - Fairlington-Shirlington
    Newly installed bike lanes down s. arlington mill drive (coming from walter reed) end without instructing drivers to share the road (sharrows) or informing bikers that bike lane ends and to share the road.
  • Gw Parkway Arlington, VA - Ballston-Virginia Square
    GW Parkway, from Key Bridge to Chain Bridge needs complete re-paving. Pothole fixes for the past 3+ years aren't solving the problem.
  • 1533 28th St S Arlington, VA 22206, USA - Long Branch Creek
    During summer 2010, 28th st south (22206) was dug up for water line repair. The road was never restored to pre-construction conditions. Sections of the curb have yet to be replaced. Large potholes exist filled with construction equipment. And with the weather as it's been, the road surface has become extremely uneven and bumpy. Please restore to pre demolition condition.