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Better Fairlington ( Fairlington neighbors).

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  • 520 12th St S Arlington, VA 22202, USA - Aurora Highlands
    It would be great if the lighting of the crosswalk at this intersection could be increased. Specifically, I was turning left off of Eads street onto 12th St. heading towards the route one bridge or towards the Lenox. Before 6 AM in the morning, I could barely see the pedestrian that was trying to cross, even with his khaki trousers to "brighten" him. Additional lights at this intersection to see the Crosswalks would help.
  • George Washington Memorial Pkwy & U.S. Highway 1 Arlington, VA - Arlington
    Excellent new bike path access routes under the replaced Humpback Bridge. Sadly the route on the south west side hits a dead end. It would be good to continue to the Pentagon and new Long Bridge Park. Probably jurisdictional issues between VDOT, DOD, Arlington, US Park Service, WMATA, FAA, blah, blah. Until complete please post sign indicating dead end.
  • Potomac Heritage Trail Arlington, VA 22207, USA - Arlington
    A power line is nearly pulled to the ground by a tree that has been resting on it for months. There is a telephone pole to which the line is attached that is being pulled down. Presently the pole is about 1/4 of the way to the ground. Please fix it!
  • 4351-4599 Columbia Pike Arlington, VA 22204, USA - Barcroft
    Uneven road for a long strip up Columbia Pike going east. Is unsafe for motorcyclist
  • 3506 North Ottawa Street Arlington, VA 22213, USA - Williamsburg
    Two potholes in concrete apron
  • 1958 2188 U.S. 50 Arlington, VA 22201, USA - Arlington
    On in-bound Route 50, there is some type of blue directions sign for Route 66 laying in the grass on the side of the road. Location is within 300-500 feet of marker placed on SeeClickFix map. Sign is in grass near Fort Myer fence (closer to street than to fence).
  • Quincy And Fairfax Washington, DC - Ballston-Virginia Square
    Driving west on Fairfax Drive, the last two streetlights on the right before N Quincy St do not function. Also, if you make a right (going north) onto N Quincy, the first streetlight is not functioning. All three are cobra style streetlights.
  • 4001 Fairfax Dr Arlington, VA - Ballston-Virginia Square
    Traveling west on N Fairfax Drive, there are five non-funcitoning street lights on the right side in the same block (between N Quincy St and N Randolph St). All five are globe style streetlights.
  • U.S. 29 Arlington, VA 22209, USA - Arlington
    Traffic control box at this intersection is tagged with graffiti - black paint.
  • 4301 N Fairfax Dr Arlington, VA - Ballston-Virginia Square
    Going west on Fairfax Drive, there are nine non-functioning streetlights on the right side of the road in the three blocks from N Stuart St to N Vermont St. All nine are globe style streetlights.
  • 2816-2818 S Wakefield St Arlington, VA 22206, USA - Fairlington-Shirlington
    Pot holes and broken pavement - corner of S. Wakefield Street and S. 28th Rd.
  • 6711 Washington Boulevard Arlington, VA - Arlington-East Falls
    VDOT told me they have no money to remove the english ivy that's killing these trees. Do they have money to plant new trees? They have money for a $1M bus stop!