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Better Fairlington ( Fairlington neighbors).

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  • U.S. 50 Arlington, VA 22204, USA - Arlington Forest
    This crosswalk is not lit with a nearby streetlight. Saw a pedestrian almost struck by turning vehicle. Other crosswalks nearby have suitable lighting.
  • 4035 Old Dominion Dr Arlington, VA - Cherrydale

    At the Rt 29 / Military&Quincy intersection, the left turn movement has been modified in such a way that cars must now turn in front of each other. The previous format was cars turning after they passed each other in the intersection. The new format is unsafe. The respective north and south points on Military/Quincy are too far away from the corresponding east and west lanes on Rt 29.

    It's near impossible to make a left turn from Military to Rt 29 E when traffic turning left from Quincy to Rt 29 W.

  • Traffic Light Archived
    4800 N Glebe Rd arlington, va - Arlington
    Morning rush hour - peak direction (into district) -- before bridge construction N Glebe Rd traffic would have a steady green arrow onto the Right lane of the bridge. Would like to see it brought back.
  • 12th St S Arlington, VA - Douglas Park
    The intersection of S. Highland and 12th St. S. needs a traffic circle like the one a block south at 11th St. It's hard to see oncoming traffic when trying to turn onto Highland.
  • restripe road Archived
    Arlington va - Arlington
    roadwork completed awhile ago. road needs to be restriped
  • 951 999 15th St S Arlington, VA 22202, USA - Aurora Highlands
    The shrubbery in the median at the intersection of South Joyce St. and 15th St. block the view of a driver making a left hand turn. It is near to impossible to see small sports cars, bicyclist, and motorcycles.
  • Arlington Memorial Bridge Arlington, Virginia - Arlington
    I routinely walk home from work in Downtown DC, and my regular route takes me over Memorial Bridge. Every time I cross, I see two large pieces of trash--one a truck bumper, from the looks of it, and the other (ironically?) a big ol' garbage can--just off the bank, and after two years am fed up. It's an itch I can't scratch. It's a blemish I can't quite reach. At this point I'd settle for borrowing some waders from the National Park Service and fishing them out myself. N.B. the attached image shows only the garbage can; the bumper is a few feet away.
  • 4304 N Arlington Blvd Arlington, VA - Alcova Heights

    The exit signs on Route 50 are tiny and way off to the side. They're also placed just before the exit.

    This leads to a lot of last-minute swerving -- we're talking a four-lane road, people -- and could be solved with an additional sign a ways before each exit.

    NOTE: I'm not terribly geriatric, these signs are tiny for a highway

  • 1473 28th St S Arlington, VA - Long Branch Creek
    Either the street parking on the street next to 1425 28th street S (entrance to the large parking lot on the loop of 28th street) needs to be pushed back or there should be a 3 way stop sign. Saw the aftermath of an accident at this opening yesterday and it wasn't pretty. Making a turn out of the loop part at 1425 28th Street can result in way too many close calls due to the lack of visibility and the fact that too many drivers speed through the neighborhood.
  • Arlington, VA - Ballston-Virginia Square

    I drop my husband at an office building at 3803 North Fairfax Drive in Arlington several times a week. It is impossible to get to the kerb to drop him because there is a long line of orange cones marking off the parking lane, preventing parking or stopping there -- there are No Parking signs along this area of the street, but apparently the cones are considered important items. I could accept the cones, but every day, all day -- when I drop him and when I pick him up -- there is a police car parked behind the cones, with a real live police officer within. Also, the same situation pertains on the side street, which I believe is Nelson Street. Why is it so important to prevent people from parking here that we need to send two fulltime police officers and their patrol cars to spend all day here? This is an ongoing situation, and I have observed this for more than a year now.

    By the way, my husband is physically handicapped, and it is quite difficult for him to reach the kerb from the car because I am forced to pull up in the righthand traffic lane, AND block the pedestrian crossing. Arlington County, what's the story here? Is parking control so important that it requires not only No Parking signs, traffic cones, AND two police officers in official cars?

  • George Washington Memorial Pkwy & N Jefferson Davis Hwy Arlington, VA 22202, USA - Arlington
    The ramp has two lanes: One for those turning right to cross the Memorial Bridge, and one for those turning left towards Arlington Cemetery. Those coming from 110-N have to merge with those exiting from the GW Parkway, and there is always a huge backup while the left lane remains free and clear. Couldn't the left turn only lane be changed to a left AND right turn lane? Memorial Drive is two lanes anyway, so having two cars turning right at the same time would not be a problem, and it would reduce the ramp backup a ton.
  • Fairfax & Kirkwood Intersection Arlington , va - Ballston-Virginia Square
    The pedestrian light crossing Kirkwood on the N side of Fairfax frequently malfunctions. The whole area (including the Wilson Blvd Xing 1/4 block away) is very bad for cyclists, with no way to turn left from Kirkwood/10th St on to Wilson (from either direction).