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Better Fairlington ( Fairlington neighbors).

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  • 4304 N Arlington Blvd Arlington, VA - Alcova Heights

    The exit signs on Route 50 are tiny and way off to the side. They're also placed just before the exit.

    This leads to a lot of last-minute swerving -- we're talking a four-lane road, people -- and could be solved with an additional sign a ways before each exit.

    NOTE: I'm not terribly geriatric, these signs are tiny for a highway

  • Fairfax & Kirkwood Intersection Arlington , va - Ballston-Virginia Square
    The pedestrian light crossing Kirkwood on the N side of Fairfax frequently malfunctions. The whole area (including the Wilson Blvd Xing 1/4 block away) is very bad for cyclists, with no way to turn left from Kirkwood/10th St on to Wilson (from either direction).
  • Virginia 27 & Columbia Pike & S Washington Blvd Arlington, VA - Foxcroft Heights
    Construction has eliminated an acceleration lane. I've seen cars coming from the westbound Columbia Pike to East/South Washington Blvd. enter the right lane without stopping or yielding. One almost hit me and I've seen it happen to other drivers. We had to slam on our brakes to prevent an accident. The "yield" sign needs to be immediately replaced by several "stop" signs with signs warning those drivers about the stop.
  • 12th St S Arlington, VA - Douglas Park
    The intersection of S. Highland and 12th St. S. needs a traffic circle like the one a block south at 11th St. It's hard to see oncoming traffic when trying to turn onto Highland.
  • Arlington, VA - Ballston-Virginia Square

    I drop my husband at an office building at 3803 North Fairfax Drive in Arlington several times a week. It is impossible to get to the kerb to drop him because there is a long line of orange cones marking off the parking lane, preventing parking or stopping there -- there are No Parking signs along this area of the street, but apparently the cones are considered important items. I could accept the cones, but every day, all day -- when I drop him and when I pick him up -- there is a police car parked behind the cones, with a real live police officer within. Also, the same situation pertains on the side street, which I believe is Nelson Street. Why is it so important to prevent people from parking here that we need to send two fulltime police officers and their patrol cars to spend all day here? This is an ongoing situation, and I have observed this for more than a year now.

    By the way, my husband is physically handicapped, and it is quite difficult for him to reach the kerb from the car because I am forced to pull up in the righthand traffic lane, AND block the pedestrian crossing. Arlington County, what's the story here? Is parking control so important that it requires not only No Parking signs, traffic cones, AND two police officers in official cars?

  • 1964 N Clarendon Blvd Arlington, VA - Radnor-Ft Myer Heights

    Painted bike path disappears without warning into parking spaces while the road makes a turn to the left going downhill. Bike path should continue down the road, but if it can't there at least must be a warning.,+Arlington,+Virginia+22201&ll=38.891985,-77.081044&spn=0,0.01929&z=16&layer=c&cbll=38.892075,-77.080963&panoid=QeK9yNG8z_e0QTNTekYDbg&cbp=12,37.32,,0,8

  • 950 North Stafford Street Arlington, VA - Ballston-Virginia Square
    Taxi cabs constantly double-parked, making illegal u-turns, and cutting off other drivers. Happens every time I drive or walk down this street.
  • 1533 28th St S Arlington, VA 22206, USA - Long Branch Creek
    Black Toyota celiac plate VA-jhg-1496 has been left unattended and with a flat tire for almost 2 months and is parked in a manor that takes up more than one space on a street with limited spaces free.
  • Jefferson Davis Hwy Arlington, VA - Arlington
    current signage is not clear enough for northbound traffic to know which lane to be in before either going towards the pentagon or going across the 14th street bridge to DC. Near accidents happen every day.
  • 1724 Columbia Pike Arlington, VA - Penrose
    County police set up a trap very often to catch unsuspecting drivers going straight on Columbia Pike from the right lane during morning rush hour. Signage and road markings are difficult to read with small print and do not stand out. The idea is that drivers should be able to turn right onto the 395 onramp from the left lane, but it is a poorly designed idea; rarely do people turn right from the left lane because they know it is dangerous to do so. The idea may work in theory but does not work in practice. The county should eliminate this ridiculous rush hour turn lane system and remove the police trap along with it.
  • 901 16th St S Arlington, VA 22202, USA - Aurora Highlands

    The path that leads from the neighborhood park toward the mall and metro has a 3' diameter depression in it that collects water. You have to step into the mud to avoid the puddle when it rains. In the winter, ice forms and creates a hazard. This is a main communter path.

    Walking from the 16th St. follow the path toward the park. After you go down the small slope and cross the path that runs from Joyce St to the soccer field, the depression is in front of you.

    This path was recently paved, and the contractor should come back and fix the problem.

  • 1730 N. Roosevelt St. Arlington, VA - Arlington-East Falls
    Near the basketball court at the end of the street, there is a small bridge that crosses over a creek. A sinkhole has developed in the Asphalt trail on the east side of the bridge. The asphalt continues to crumble, making the hole bigger, as the earth beneath the trail can be seen to be about 6" below!