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Better Fairlington ( Fairlington neighbors).

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  • Columbia Pike And George Mason Drive Arlington, VA - Barcroft
    I live in Arlington, feel good about where I am in life, but am routinely reminded about how much work I have left to do every time I see this brotha jumpin' around and talking to himself with that big silly hat on. I am actually convinced North Arlington Real Estate developers pay that cash hard cold cash to do his jig and drive the folks -no more willing than ever- to drive UP the road the overpay for the same pile of bricks and sticks we got on the Southie side. HELP!!!!!!!!!
  • 2115 N Harrison St Arlington, VA - Tara-Leeway Heights
    Simple - dangerous intersection for cars and pedestrians (especially with metrobus/art bus stop on corner) that should be changed to a four way stop.
  • 1200 - 2700 S Eads St Arlington, VA - Aurora Highlands
    This entire stretch of S Eads St (admittedly worse from 18th Street down towards the sewage plant) is in serious need of repaving. Driving along this road is hazardous at any speed due to the holes, misalignments and bumps. Now they are tearing up part of the road, and will do doubt leave even more bumps as a result. Can Arlington County take the money they saved through their ill-advised library closings and fix this street?
  • George Washington Memorial Pkwy Arlington, VA - Arlington
  • 1400 N Courthouse Rd Arlington, VA 22201, USA - Clarendon-Courthouse
    Pedestrians have the right of way AT ALL times even though this crosswalk is not associated with a stop sign or stop light. The pedestrian right of way is not marked by a sign or caution (cone, stop sign etc.) and thus, drivers blow through the crosswalk (usually with some pretty nasty looks, gestures or comments) even when pedestrians have started crossing. Drivers speed up to catch the following stop light if its green making it all the more dangerous. This crosswalk separates the huge parking lot from the courthouse/police station and you would think traffic laws would be more strictly enforced here--not so.
  • Wislon Boulevard arlington, VA - Ashton Heights
    Can someone install more fencing in the median along the road outside of Ballston Mall? People are constantly running in to traffic to cross the street!
  • Harrison Street And Washington Blvd Arlington, VA 22205, USA - Tara-Leeway Heights
    The intersection of Washington Blvd and Harrison Street in Arlington VA has become a huge danger. We need to install a light that is timed like the ones on Harrison St and Yorktown that senses when traffic arrives at the intersection (the least trafficked road - Harrison in this case) the light allows them to go but quickly changes back to red to keep the flow on Washington Blvd going.
  • U.S. 29 Arlington, VA 22209, USA - Arlington
    Green bike route sign at this corner is tagged with black marker/paint graffiti.
  • Army Navy Dr Arlington, VA - Arlington
    I travel up and down Army Navy Drive as part of my daily commute. Recently the timing of the lights has changed, causing me to sit and wait through two full lights, adding nearly five minutes to my commute. Previous to this change, if you made the first light and traveled the speed limit, you would make green lights all the way to 395. Coming home on the same street means the same wait time. It makes no sense.
  • 2100 North Quincy Street Arlington, VA - Cherrydale

    After the re-striping of the lanes near this light, traffic queues up for 3-4 light cycles on N Quincy.

    There is not enough green time on Quincy (heading towards Military) to clear this queue and the wait can be up to 2-4 cycles (with each one being almost 3 minutes).

  • 3227-3251 Washington Blvd Arlington, VA 22201, USA - Lyon Village
    Road in bad shape. Restriping necessary. And lane ID lights need to be bright enough so that you can see them in the setting sun.
  • 1724 Columbia Pike Arlington, VA - Penrose
    County police set up a trap very often to catch unsuspecting drivers going straight on Columbia Pike from the right lane during morning rush hour. Signage and road markings are difficult to read with small print and do not stand out. The idea is that drivers should be able to turn right onto the 395 onramp from the left lane, but it is a poorly designed idea; rarely do people turn right from the left lane because they know it is dangerous to do so. The idea may work in theory but does not work in practice. The county should eliminate this ridiculous rush hour turn lane system and remove the police trap along with it.