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Noise Watch is monitoring community concerns about noise pollution in Oakland and supporting more efficient and accountable city response

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  • 428 3rd St Oakland CA 94607, Oakland, CA - Old City-Produce And Waterfront
    Now that there has been a gunshot death inside Club Anton (instead of just extreme noise, unruly patrons, altercations, and a prior shooting involving Club Anton customers outside the club), PLEASE RESPOND TO THE YEARS OF COMPLAINTS (to the owner, the police, Nancy Nadal, Lynnette McElhaney, and other City agencies and officials). REVOKE CLUB ANTON'S LIQUOR LICENSE AND SHUT IT DOWN!
  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    19 Ambler Ln Oakland CA 94608, United States - Clawson
    Excessive drug selling, use, prostitution, trash, graffiti, unsanitary conditions, noise issues and dangerous living conditions for residents - needles left all around to step on, broken glass, horrible! Numerous complaints - city has not done anything. Not even street sweeping on this block! Serious and dangerous problem
  • PROSITUTION Acknowledged
    1808 E 15th St Oakland, California - Rancho San Antonio
    There is a ridiculous amount of prostitution on E 15th street that runs between 17th ave and 23th ave. The prostitutes bring around a lot of grimy people. The neighborhood is down the street from two schools and very close to Garfield Elementary, Franklin and Roosevelt Middle school. At all hours of the day and night, the girls are walking around with very little/no clothing making huge messes in the neighborhood, they make lots of noise, the drive by men who pick these girls up play really loud music and harass the women and children making it unsafe for all the kids and neighbors that live in the area. There are pimps around too which makes it unnerving too. The men that come around to pick up these girls make it very uncomfortable for women and children to live in the neighborhood. Requesting to have more police surveillance and action stationed on E15th Street between 17th ave and 23th ave.
  • 5217 West Street Oakland, California - Santa Fe
    The homeless encampment at Helen McGregor Park is generating trash, noise, and health hazards. The local community is no longer using the resource, and the amount of blight is increasing.
  • Nw Corner Of Genoa And 54th Street Oakland, CA - Santa Fe
    A truck license 4T46303 is frequently playing music at very high volumes, often for hours at a time, while parked on this corner. Requests to lower the volume are met with the volume being raised.
  • Other Acknowledged
    35th And Peralta - Clawson
    Huge homeless encampment full of trash, furniture. They are blocking the sidewalks and making noise late at night
  • Other Open
    4155 Telegraph Avenue Oakland, California - Temescal

    There are several issues at Church's Chicken that cause a nuisance or constitute blight:
    1. There is an infestation of rats in the ivy behind the building.
    2. They consistently leave their dumpsters and grease container lids open, potentially contributing to the rat infestation.
    3. They removed the trash can from outside the front of the restaurant, contributing to litter in the parking lot and neighborhood.
    4. Their trucks make deliveries behind the restaurant multiple times weekly in the middle of the night (typically Tuesday and Friday between 2 and 4am) right next to residential bedroom windows, causing a noise disturbance.

    I would appreciate Code Enforcement working with them to resolve these issues. Thank you,
    Colin Dentel-Post
    511 42nd St.

  • 3758 Piedmont Avenue Oakland, California - Piedmont Avenue
    I am sick and tired of the rowdy loud mouthed patrons of Eggbert's Bar. Not a day goes by that you cant find someone sleeping outside on the bench in front. You can smell the bar from a block away. all the plants near the bar excluding the ones put there by the bar, are dying from people @#$% on them. the planters out front are maintained to the best of the person responsible ability. considering the circumstances they do an excellent job. People smoke a ton of cigarettes right next to a children's daycare, I thought there was a law about that? Every Friday and Saturday night there is a squabble between two patrons of this bar on my block. sometimes it ends well, sometimes it escalates into a horrible fight or domestic dispute. Recently someone was shot on my block after leaving the bar to their car. this is because the patrons use my block as their personal parking lot...yay!...
    The patrons of this bar have no respect for the residents of this neighborhood, they destroy private property burglarize vehicles and defecate everywhere. please Oakland recognize a SH** hole when you see one and revoke Eggbert's liquor license.
    Another "clientele" that patron this bar have extremely loud motorcycles with loud stereo systems, they make it a point to make as much noise as possible while coming to and from this bar. They set every car alarm on the block off in the process, so obnoxious.
    This bar is a blight on this neighborhood, please SHUT IT DOWN!
  • 889 W Grand Ave Oakland, CA 94607, Oakland, California - Ralph Bunche
    Every morning the AM/PM Arco on Market and West Grand blows trash from their property into the street. It is not only a noise complaint but they are actively adding to the trash situation of west oakland.
  • El Embarcadero Pergola Oakland, California - Lake Merritt
    Drumming group that plays 9 hours non stop all weekend every weekend.
    Our block neighborhood group 400-500 block of Merritt Ave and Boden way (more than 700 ft uphill) wants this to stop. The noise level is unbearable especially for properties facing the lake and violates both the noise ordinance and park rules.
    Please at least limit the hours this drumming group 25+ people can take over this area. Thank you
  • 2187-2199 Lakeshore Avenue Oakland, California - Lake Merritt
    Increasing numbers of people and groups are playing drums, brass and wind instruments on the shores of Lake Merritt. They play any time between 11:00am and 8 or 9pm, sometimes for hours at a stretch. This is a growing phenomena -- the more people that play, the more people come to play.
    Whether they want to be or not, thousands of residents and visitors are exposed to this on a daily basis. Park rules state: "no playing of musical instruments in the Park without a permit" (OMC 12.56.010)..
    Please re-post the Park rules about noise nuisance that used to be prominantly placed around the Lake before the renovations.
  • 579 18th St Oakland, California - San Pablo Gateway
    Tonight's show at The New Parish drew a rowdy crowd that had tailgate drinking parties on San Pablo Ave, patrons @#$% on neighboring businesses, and homes. Bass from the performance can be heard over two blocks away. I'd like to see The New Parish stay, but they need to reduce the noise coming out of their building and coordinate with OPD to prevent what some of the patrons chose to do in the neighborhood tonight.