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  • Bicycles Only? Hah! Acknowledged
    1844 Longfellow Bridge Boston, MA 02114, USA - Beacon Hill
    I bike twice daily across the Longfellow, over the past week with the warmer weather the amount of pedestrian traffic along the upstream, bicycle-only, side of the bridge has increased daily, and is beginning to cause safety issues with pedestrians blocking the full path and otherwise creating obstacles to avoid. It seems either some level of enforcement is needed or the signs might as well be taken down.
  • Back St Boston, MA - Back Bay

    Thank you to six building owners who, after one year of requesting the City of Boston's help and received none (not one penny of our 39% increase in tax dollars!!!), paid out of their pockets to repave portions of this alley. Here again proving that private citizens, not city government, do the right thing with out money. Boston, you should be ashamed of yourselves for taking more money and giving less. Ashamed!

    Poorly repaired and 5 new potholes of similar size and depth riddle this alleyway. 3 FOOT X 1 FOOT pothole on Back Street between Hereford and Mass Ave along with huge depressions from the Boston's oversized garbage trucks bearing down and scarring this alley. It is dangerous condition and has taken dozens of tires, rims, bumpers, bikers and small children. Why is the only stretch of Back Street that has not been repaired and repaved??? Please HELP!!!

  • 139 Tremont Street Boston, Massachusetts - Beacon Hill
    There is a severe shortage of bicycle racks around Boston Common. This is a busy area and near several important transit stations. There is plenty of space along Boston Common to install racks, especially along Tremont Street. Right now bikes end up being locked to street signs, including handicapped signs, where the bikes could obstruct vehicle access for people in wheelchairs, etc. Let's install racks where the bikes can be stored properly and safely.
  • 13 Massachusetts Ave Boston, MA 02115 - Back Bay
    The bike lane and road next to the curb on the southbound side of Massachusetts Avenue here is full of potholes and uneven pavement. Its actually pretty dangerous to ride a bicycle over. The whole corner from the beginning of the #1 MBTA Bus stop to the edge of Beacon St needs to be repaved. This is of concern because many cyclists ride through this patch of road every day coming off of the Harvard Bridge.
  • Harvard Brg Boston, MA - Back Bay

    When heading south on the Mass Ave bridge on a bicycle, and using the bicycle lane, there is no way to get to the bike path along the river.

    The solution here would be to build a ramp on this side of the bridge down to the river.

    This would be safer for bikers, and prevent the temptation to ride on the opposite sidewalf (unsafe for pedestrians) in order to use that ramp.

  • Package Theft Acknowledged
    12 Blackwood Street Boston, Massachusetts - Back Bay
    For the last few months, packages have been disappearing from the main lobby of 12 Blackwood Street. I have had three packages stolen from me, and other residents have reported package disappearances as well. The landlord has not done a thorough job of looking into this issue, despite multiple requests.
  • 317-325 Cambridge St Boston, MA 02114, USA - Beacon Hill
    Cars frequently turning right onto Storrow Dr. from the left, straight/left-turn only lane. Happens very, very frequently, endangering cyclists and vehicles proceeding over the Longfellow bridge.
  • Left lane heading towards the Mass Ave. bridge, two in rapid succession that always cause brake slamming. I've seen a number of near accidents as cars swerve to avoid them.
  • 2-18 Massachusetts Avenue Boston, Massachusetts - Back Bay
    The red globe for the fire pull box on the west side of the church park condos (along Mass Ave outbound, before the bridge) is missing. Can you please replace? This is a busy area that has had several fires in the last few years.
  • 327 Cambridge St Boston, MA 02114, USA - Beacon Hill
    When travelling down the left lane on Cambridge Street towards Sturrow, it becomes a left turn ONLY lane at Charles MGH Station. The center lane is the ONLY lane shown to go straight and the center and right lanes are available for turning right. This is CLEARLY marked by the huge green traffic sign prior to the station. Too many times I've been thisclose to getting my car hit by cars that make (mostly) unsignalled, (always) unsafe lane changes. This especially happens most dangerously when there are cars waiting in the left turn only lane. The car in the left lane will attempt to go straight OR will attempt to make the right turn to either of the Sturrow Drive onramps.
  • 327 Cambridge Street Boston, Massachusetts - Beacon Hill
    Please explain why pedestrians aren't able to have a walk signal in order to cross both roadways separating us from Charles Street and the Charles/MGH subway station? Right now we have to wait on the island for the light to change for the 2nd walk signal. As a result I observe numerous pedestrians too impatient to wait crossing the street even when traffic is bearing down on them. I can imagine the level of impatience grows as the weather turns inclement which is not a safe situation. Please program the lights so that all traffic stops for pedestrians to safely cross the streets.