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My walking area/stomping ground

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  • Tattnall Square Park Macon, Georgia - Macon

    Even though our recreation rental contract forbids most of the practices in this picture, no violator suffers any consequence because there's no safety deposit required. Here's a best of list of problems:

    1. Almost all cars entering the park illegally drive to the pavilion, the area near the playground with the most children. The more beautiful the park becomes, the more families use it, and the more chance that a child or a park-goer will be hit. In this case, Kacy Keene (in red) was there with her child, and according to her, the child was nearly hit by motorcycles.

    2. Though the contract clearly states that renters only rent the space within the perimeter of the pavilion itself, this party has simply set up a grill and seating right on the public walking path, effectively preventing free passage.

    3. When people bring a bounce house into the park, they go far beyond the pavilion into the field, effectively closing off an entire section of the park far beyond the pavilion--a violation of the contract's perimeter rule. Since the contract welcomes bounce houses, it essentially welcomes a violation of the contract's own rules. Since renters bring bounce houses in on trucks, and since the contract allows bounce houses, the city's contract invites a violation of its own rule: Vehicles in the park violation: “No vehicles of any kind are allowed on the grass or within a park’s perimeter. Vehicles MUST be parked in designated parking areas.”

    4. Vehicles driving into the park damage the park grounds. The turf where cars regularly drive has been stripped bare of grass, leaving large, unsightly dirt patches, making the pavilion area look like a raggedy provisional parking lot.

    5. This party, like many, has set up a large grill right next to the sidewalk. These large grills are almost always carried in by truck, violating the no cars in the park contract rule. In this case, they wedged their trailer between five maples next to the pavilion. The trees have had their bark damaged already by vehicles operating in this area.

    6. The contract states that there should be no decorations taped to the facility, since it harms the paint. But there is no enforcement of this—or any—contract stipulation. Today, tape and nails cover the pavilion's new paint job.

    7. This party brought five cars in and out of the park, repeatedly violating the no driving in the park stipulation of the contract. Law enforcement asked them to take the cars out of the park after a few hours, but when the police left, the party brought two more cars in the park.

    The recreation contract does not work because it carries no consequences.

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    1191 Oglethorpe St. Macon, Georgia - Macon
    Road construction and closures hurting locally owned business. The Bear's Den Restaurant is completely cut off from normal traffic on Oglethorpe Street. Intersection of College Street and Oglethorpe completely closed for 3 months or more. The only other 2 ways to get to the restaurant have large Road closed signs blocking most of the lane. The signs indicate that these roads are open for local traffic but due to size of barrier and wording a large percentage of people believe they can not continue. Since project began last Monday we are averaging 100 to 150 less customers per day. We employ 21 full time employees. With this decrease in sales, jobs are in danger. We have been in business in the same location for 25 years. At the very least we ask for the signs at the intersection of First and Oglethorpe be removed as well as the Intersection of College and Forsyth St. This loss of business is devastating to a lot of families working here. This business is adversely affected as long as the intersection is closed. We are asking for help as soon as possible.
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    250-298 Spring Street Macon, GA 31201, USA - Macon
    A crosswalk is needed just below Coleman Hill at the triangle at Georgia and Spring. You have a sidewalk In the triangle that does not have a safe way to enter or exit. Very dangerous, and there is not another crosswalk on Georgia for about a mile stretch, despite having the busy attractions of the park and the Hay House right there.
  • 929-1099 Magnolia Lane Macon, GA 31201, USA - Macon
  • 532 Arlington Pl Macon, GA 31201, USA - Macon
    Crosswalk not marked other than barely noticeable sign. Regularly used by pedestrians to visit new restaurant and mercer students walking to/from class to avoid college street. Drivers don't slow down or notice the pedestrian crossing sign, instead they regularly exceed the speed limit and make crossing very scary during high traffic and at night.
  • 640-652 Arlington Place Macon, GA 31201, USA - Macon
    The house is beyond repair. There are major structural issues including the roof beam broken on the front and the foundation columns leaning in the rear. There are multiple openings that allow numerous animals to live in the house including stray dogs. The dogs have attacked and killed one of our pets and a neighbors. In the drive way and backyard there are piles of tires causing a serious mosquito problem. Also there are a lot of fleas and other bugs that keep coming into our house from it. This house is only 6 feet from ours and will damage ours when it falls over.
  • Tattnall Square Park Macon, Georgia - Macon
    The Tattnall Square Park playground equipment was vandalized with bright orange spray paint, including what appears to be a set of initials. It's all over the stairs and slides where the kids go right over it.
  • 1021 Georgia Ave Macon, Georgia - Macon
    There are no convenient crosswalks across Georgia Avenue, making it dangerous for students crossing to get to and from the Law School and for visitors going to Coleman Hill. Currently, drivers speed past these areas without watching for pedestrians. A crosswalk with ample signage would increase safety.
  • Tattnall Square Park - Macon
    The bathrooms by the playground were recently renovated (port-a-potties were provided while renovations were completed), which is awesome! But now they are locked with no port-a-potties or alternative restroom option until at least 12pm when the tennis center opens. When you have young kids and toilet-training toddlers at the park playing in the mornings, it would be great to have a restroom option!
  • Tattnall Square Park Macon, Georgia - Macon
    After 5:30 there is basically no way to use the fields in the park. The lights have been out for YEARS. With all the people who use this park this issue needs to be addressed immediately. Several complaints about this have already been made with no action or response. It's dangerous and detracts from a wonderful park.
  • 743 Monroe Street Macon, GA 31201, USA - Macon
    There is considerable damage to the roof, so much so that there has to be interior water damage as the house has been in this state for sometime. The yard is also completely overgrown.
  • 1044-1098 Adams St Macon, GA - Macon
    This intersection is dangerous. It needs a light (preferrably) or 4 way stop. If this is not the appropriate category to report this problem, please let me know how it should be listed.