East Haven Police Deptartment

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Watching issues created after: 2014-04-10

The area surrounding the main artery to the beach including Coe Ave. & Hemmingway

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  • Need Plow Archived
    Henry Street East Haven, CT - East Haven
    All side roads still not plowed in East Haven.
  • 34 Gerrish Avenue East Haven, CT - East Haven
    I think there is a missing stop sign here.
  • Removal Archived
    16 Laura Lane New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore
    Roots from tree left behind
  • Red light out Archived
    359 Main St East Haven, CT 06512 - East Haven
    Red light out for Forbes
  • 65 Messina Drive East Haven, Connecticut - East Haven
    The light has not been working for quite some time.
  • 21-27 Charter Oak Ave East Haven, CT 06512, USA - East Haven
  • snow/ice Archived
    118 Dodge Ave East Haven, CT 06512 - East Haven
    Does the town ever removed the ice and snow from its sidewalks around the ballfield?
  • 1 Whitman Ave East Haven, CT 06512, USA - East Haven
    Construction equipment and debris have been left in the open for months. House has been under construction for several years. Would like to see it cleaned up and house completed. Using nearby vacant lots to store equipment. Zoning violation?
  • 250 Dodge Avenue East Haven, CT - East Haven
    Drivers are constantly running the stop sign on Dodge at the intersection of Dodge Ave and Robert Drive. In many cases, drivers don't even slow down. This is extremely dangerous, especially to drivers coming from Robert Drive. Please put in a flashing light and/or start heavily ticketing those who run through the stop sign before someone gets hurt or killed.
  • 73 Thompson Ave East Haven, CT - East Haven
    Mama Kitty is a female, short hair,grey with black spots,18 years old, missing since 05/11/12 in the area of Thompson Street East Haven , CT. She isn't wearing a collar and does not have a microchip. If you have any information please call Nicole at 203-676-5985 or contact your local Animal Shelter/Control Officer
  • Burr St East Haven, CT 06512, USA - East Haven
    dumped trash and debris in river,told workers and sent email to mayor never got any response.
  • 302-344 College Street Yale University, New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Haven
    The location of this manhole cover is at the beginning of Union Avenue at the corner of Hudson Street in East Haven. This is a very serious situation since Hudson Street is the only entrance and exit to The East Haven Middle/Elementary School and is used daily by students as a shortcut to and from the school. Why do we have to wait for a tragedy to happen before something is done.