East Haven Police Deptartment

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Watching issues created after: 2014-04-10

The area surrounding the main artery to the beach including Coe Ave. & Hemmingway


  • Main St East Haven, CT - East Haven
    Downtown East Haven, on Main St, where the library is, cars are speeding (one SUV must have been going 50 mph), and there is a clearly marked sign at a crosswalk to STOP for pedestrians - after 6 cars didn't even slow down, I finally had to step out into traffic a little to scare a driver - this was 4pm yesterday - good place for East Haven officers to hand out some tickets
  • Cosey Beach Ave East haven, Ct - East Haven
    All cars especially SUV with CT license [Content removed by administrator] driving 40-50 MPH on Cosey Beach Ave
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  • 1-25 Guilford Ct East Haven, CT 06512, USA - East Haven
    The entrance to Guilford Court is all slush and you can't get traction to get out of the street. Also the snowbanks on either side make it impossible to see oncoming traffic from either direction. It's an accident waiting to happen!
  • 604-624 Silver Sands Road East Haven, Connecticut - East Haven
    We need a camera to catch speeders on Silver Sands Road in East Haven. These teenagers speed down the road and it is dangerous. There are kids, people walking dogs, etc....please stop the madness.
  • 441-525 Coe Ave East Haven, Connecticut - East Haven
    Every single year these trees that were seemingly planted by the apartment building there grow over the short sideway that we have there and makes it impossible to walk down that sideway without getting tangled in the branches. I've seen people with baby strollers have to walk in the grass closer to traffic to try to get around them. WHy have a sidewalk there if you can't walk on it!!!
  • Laura Lane New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore
    Not Through Traffic sign is needed in this area
  • Mamauguin east haven, connecticut - East Haven
    I just got my car broken into and the bastards stole alot of valuable property. Ive been asking around and ive learned that this is happening alot in east haven. Keep a watch out!
    Reported from my mobile device
  • Dodge Ave East Haven, CT - East Haven
    Watching on a daily bases especially in the morning with school children waiting for the bus. Cars either rolling through the stop sign in either direction on Dodge Ave; or just blowing it outright! Need to position an officer and start handing out tickets!
  • 103 Bradley Ave East Haven, Connecticut - East Haven
    the intersection although it has stop signs with blinking lights is a death trap people are not stopping at the stop signs therefore causing many close call accidents and accidents,something must be done to better this situation
  • 238-300 Dodge Ave East Haven, CT 06512, USA - East Haven
    When the Pathways school gets out, kids in vehicles are driving at high speeds through the parking area and not stopping or slowing down when entering the road from the parking area. The four-way stop at Dodge Av & Robert Dr. is constantly ignored & could use enforcement as well.
  • Tree Limbs Archived
    17 Gerrish Ave East Haven, Connecticut - East Haven
    There are large tree limbs hanging over the electrical wires and across Gerrish Ave. that need to be taken down before the next big storm. The town and electrical company have been called several times about this with no resolution
  • Tyler Street East Haven, CT - East Haven
    Two bikes stolen - one Orange Ddiamondback Jjoker BMX (pic shown) and one Schwinn Spitfire maroon with flames. Right out of my garage, nothing else touched. Reward being offered $$ for information and/or return.