East Haven Police Deptartment

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The area surrounding the main artery to the beach including Coe Ave. & Hemmingway

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  • 69 Brazos Rd East Haven, CT 06512 - East Haven
    This road needs to be replaced in the spring, built up and tottally repaved
    not patched. I damaged my car on it.
  • 271 Main St East Haven, CT 06512 - East Haven
    The westbound light is facing north!
  • 2-18 Charter Oak Ave East Haven, CT 06512, USA - East Haven
    This area of Charter Oak Avenue is one way traffic only heading towards the airport . Lazy people drive past the do not enter sign and fly down the street so they don't have to drive around to Burr St.
  • 160 Kenneth St East Haven Ct 06512 - East Haven
    160 kenneth st east haven 06512 this pot hole has to be taken care of immediately.
  • Tyler And Chidsey - East Haven
    In addition to the van blocking the stop sign, there are no stop lines painted on Chidsey, which would help the visibility of the intersection stop signs significantly.
  • 415 Thompson Avenue - East Haven
    This home is unoccupied and no one has shoveled the sidewalks. Kids must walk in the street to get to bus stop. Town has been called on this but nothing has happened.
  • C/O Burr And Garish Ave East Haven, CT - East Haven

    Reported from my mobile device

    Power outage on approximate 100 homes due to broken and downed center phase

  • No power Archived
    90 Gerrish Ave East Haven, CT - East Haven
    There is no power in this apartment complex and from the notes we will not be receiving a backup generator of any sort or accomodation. Food is spoiling, no hot water. The elderly have safety hazards due to no lighting. The emergency lights are down in the hallway and so are the emergency exit signs. People are evacuating the premises as we speak. During the night there are no streetlights and it is pitch black in the parking lot which poses a very unsafe condition for tennants. For more information or tk contact me call or text 609-369-2822
  • 111-199 Prospect Pl East Haven, CT 06512, USA - East Haven

    No Parking Here To Corner sign in front of 115 Prospect Road - long-term problem is that face is almost worn off, from weathering. New problem (probably happened 3/4/3012) is that the sign post was struck by something, and is twisted and bent over, and facing the wrong direction.

    April 6 - still not fixed

  • Memorial Field East Haven, CT - East Haven
    Makes the park look dirty, trashy and run down. Children should not have to look at this when they are playing.
  • 267-317 Dodge Ave East Haven, CT 06512, USA - East Haven
    Dangerous section of road the center line needs to be re-painted
  • 190 Dodge Ave East Haven, CT 06512, USA - East Haven
    I just noticed that the cover to a utility hole was missing on Dodge Street. I've seen this more than once in different areas. In fact I almost blew out my tire going over a terrible pot hole on Sherman Ave. People must be taking them off to sell for scrap.