East Haven Police Deptartment

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The area surrounding the main artery to the beach including Coe Ave. & Hemmingway


  • 19 St. Andrews Ct. East Haven, Connecticut - East Haven
    VERY friendly. Charter Oak Ave. area. Bolted from yard. Was just groomed so she's not wearing her collar. She'll go to anyone.
  • Laura St And Charter Oak New Haven, CT - East Haven
    Street has been in need of paving for quite sometime now, hazardous for drivers.
  • 2 Victor St East Haven, Connecticut - East Haven
    There is some kind of power line connected to my neighbor's house but it's hanging so low over my driveway that it almost touches the top of my SUV every time I drive up or down my driveway. I'm not sure who to call to report this. if someone in a big truck or van were to pull into my driveway, the line would touch the vehicle.
  • 111-127 Hemingway Ave East Haven, CT 06512, USA - East Haven
    The Health Department, the facility management company, the town animal control have all been informed of the dead/stray cat problem. Select residents still feed them, no action taken by management. Stray cats in the laundry rooms along with cats that just drop dead on the lawns, middle of road and laundry facilities.
  • 2-62 Clark Avenue East Haven, Connecticut - East Haven
    first two storm drains from Short Beach Road onto Clark Ave don't drain during or after storms. The pavement there is severely depressed, so it's more like a pothole than a drain. I imagine during summertime thunderstorms this area will be like the lake it was during winter storms, only this time there won't be ice coating the intersection.
  • 33 Elm Street East Haven, Connecticut - East Haven
    Beautiful calico, red collar with bell please contact tami at 2036275056
  • 102 Thompson Ave New Haven, CT - East Haven
    Landlord have son living in the basement of the apartment stealing lights and cable from the second floor apartment.
  • Bishop Road East Haven, Connecticut - East Haven
    Female, 24lb, black/white, last seen 05/25/2015 @ Bishop Road East Haven CT Call 1-888-466-3242 #985112003826907
  • 23 Windsor St New Haven, Connecticut - East Haven
  • Duval St East Haven, CT - East Haven
    There is a tree that came down in the snow storm that is completely obstructing the view from Duval St of the oncoming traffic on Forest St.
  • 45 Srevens St East Haven, CT - East Haven
    Large tree across road also all power out