ConnDot Route 34-New Haven

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Route 34-New Haven

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  • W Water St New Haven, CT - Hill
    The police cars, vans, and officer private vehicles are parked all around S.Orange, both sides, AND sidewalks. It is impossible to safely turn from WWater onto SOrange or vice versa, or from the Gateway garage... all the illegally parked cars make it impossible to see traffic or pedestrians in either direction. There have been several dangerous incidents as people pull out to try to see to safely drive. Visitors to the Board of Ed and the Church St Projects are terrorized by police using these streets as their private parking lots.
  • 1 Union Ave New Haven, CT - Downtown

    Witnessed a cop in Fair Haven last night seem to ignore a group of 10-15 bikers speeding and doing wheelies right in front of his police cruiser. I was kind of shocked he didn't go after them, so I walked up and asked him what was up with that. He stated that although he would like to, he is unable to pursue anyone unless they have a weapon or have just committed a felony crime. It is the policy of NHPD due to their fear of 'lawsuits' if someone is injured as a result of a vehicle pursuit. Why is New Haven different than other agencies that DO pursue criminals?, I asked. Got no answer except it is the policy NHPD has adopted.

    I think this policy creates a lack of respect toward our police and effectively ties their hands behind their back so they cannot do their job.

  • Health Dept. Acknowledged
    543 George St New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - West River
    The rank smell on George street continues though the original request has been "closed" BUT NOT RESOLVED as everyone walking past the funeral home can tell you. To be clear, I am not placing blame on the funeral home but only pinpointing the EXACT location of the fecal stench that has been ongoing now, for 8 months. What's going on? If the lines were flushed last week and the construction on Dwight and George should not be causing the smell...can someone identify the cause and properly resolve the issue???????? PLEASE and THANK YOU!
    Here is the initial thread:
  • 29 Union Street New Haven, Connecticut - Wooster Square
    This is the 3rd time I have logged on over the past 2 months and NOTHING has been done to solve this problem. The sidewalk on Union street between Water and Fair Street is completely overgrown with bushes over 7ft tall and trash throughout. School starts next week and students will be forced to walk in the street as they can't pass there. The sidewalk and concrete barriers are collecting garbage and human waste from people who are starting to live there. Please come and attend to this immediately. School is starting!
  • 2-14 Church Street New Haven, Connecticut - Town_Green
    On Church St in the direction of the Green and right in front of the KofC Building, cars constantly pull over into the bike lane and stand, I guess in order to pick somebody up. This is a very busy road with lots of bike commuter traffic as well. When I swerve into traffic because of the car parked in the bike lane, several lanes of traffic are potentially impacted and I feel very vulnerable. I take this bike lane every day ~6, and I guess there is a car in the lane 50% of the time. This would be a great place to plan on ticketing violators!
  • York St And Mlk Blvd New Haven, Connecticut - Dwight
    Pedestrian Signal at Walgreens has been reported as not working. See as reference:
  • Potholes Archived
    9 Tower Lane New Haven, Connecticut - Hill
    I am a monthly user of this non-paved outdoor lot and there are numerous large potholes at the entrance and throughout the lot that present a hazard to vehicles. In past year these potholes were filled with gravel, but they have not been filled them this year.
  • Dead Cat Archived
    South Frontage Road New Haven, CT - Yale University Campus
    There is a dead cat right before you get on the freeway off S. Frontage Road/S. Orange St. It is on the left side and it is very close to the road and it has been there for the past 3 days. As a cat owner it breaks my heart seeing that poor thing laying there every time I have to go to work and I don't want it to keep getting run over and over. Please remove it as soon as possible. Thank you.
  • 92-152 Dwight St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Dwight
    Just what it sounds like. Hard to tell exactly where they are coming from, but probably near George or Day.
  • N Frontage/Church St New Haven, CT - Town_Green
    This morning (October 3) at 8:38, the driver of CT Transit bus (Plate # 2.1513 of J2 bus route) turned from N Frontage Rd to Church St while the traffic signal lights were red for him (NO TURN ON RED) and he was talking on a cell phone at the same while he was driving the bus.
    I would like to know the outcome from CT Trasnsit
  • 522 George St New Haven, CT 06511 - Dwight
    George St. is a "lesser evil" route for bicyclists coming to Yale from the Westville area. The 500 blocks of George St., however, is filled with many potholes in the "bike lane" between traffic and parked cars. Please fill them!
  • Connecticut 34 New Haven, CT 06510, USA - Downtown
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