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Route 34-New Haven

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  • 201 Derby Avenue West Haven, Connecticut - Westville
    There is supposed to be PUBLIC ACCESS along the West River between Derby Avenue and Chapel Street. Yale and/or the CT Tennis Foundation has locked the gates on Chapel Street and Derby Avenue and illegally restricted access.
  • 1-61 Columbus Ave New Haven, CT 06519, USA - Hill
    It's already a trecherous walk to the train station. This does not help.
    See photo
  • S Frontage Rd New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Dwight
    On West side of park between frontage roads.
    Assume that developer has responsibility to city keep trees alive for 1 yr. Lci?
  • South Frontage Road New Haven, Connecticut - Dwight

    Cars on S. Frontage that go straight through the intersection consistently block the intersection during the all-phase pedestrian crossing during rush hour. This forces peds who want to cross S. Frontage to weave in-between cars, hoping that when the traffic on S. Frontage suddenly starts moving the cars in the intersection will not squash them. I have seen numerous close calls where the driver blocking the intersection/crosswalk starts to drive (during the ped crossing phase) headless of pedestrians trying to cross.

    Can we get some traffic enforcement in this area? There is a usually a cop not 30 feet away who makes sure cars can safely exit the parking garage onto S. Frontage - where is the same concern about pedestrian safety?

  • College Street And Congress Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - New Haven - Ward 03

    This ticket was opened from a previous one : Issue ID: 2164863
    "Intersection used to have a small "yield to pedestrians" sign in the middle of the walkway crossing College. It is now gone, I think to allow easier snow plowing. Now the intersection is extremely dangerous and nearly impossible for pedestrians to cross. There is no other sign and no light, so cars choose to never stop. It was bad enough with the sign, but without it the intersection has become almost uncrossable."

    Is this crosswalk, as it is a long one and part of a long block (South Frontage to Congress) be amenable to a solar pedestrian crossing signal like the one in front of Smilow? There are no trees at this intersection (see image)

  • 88 Dwight Street - Dwight
    During overnight hours (10p-4a ish) kids on foot sell drugs to customers who drive up in cars. Transactions appear to be set up over cell phones. This occurs by some trees at the sidewalk on the northern side of Dwight Street and to the west of the Dwight/George intersection. Around the corner from the F bus stop on George St, which is across the street from the Ronald McDonald house.
  • Pothole Archived
    500-540 George St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Dwight
    Huge Pothole broke my rim and popped my tire on March 20th, 9am.
  • 115 College St New Haven, CT 06510 - Town_Green
    need ped. crossing signal
  • 220 S Frontage Rd New Haven, CT - New Haven - Ward 03
    Every Wednesday, I go to the train station a bit before 12noon. When I drive on SOUTH FRONTAGE road, between York and College Street, as I pass the Child Study Center, I come upon many police cars parked ON SOUTH FRONTAGE, both sides of the street. Obviously, they have a regular meeting at the Child Study Center, which is laudable, but it is absolutely an obstacle course as 4 lanes are narrowed to 2 bc of the illegal cops' parking and it is dangerous. I have worked at the medical campus for over 20 years, doing laudable things too and have to come and go multiple times in a day and I know there is little parking. As a student with no money, I used to park many blocks away in the Hill and walk through the streets littered with crack and heroin bags. My car was regularly broken into, the radio ripped from the dash until I stopped replacing it, etc. How I would have loved to just park on SOUTH FRONTAGE Road! I now pay a significant amount to buy a parking space in a Yale-owned garage. Sometimes that means a 10-15 min walk each way from my garage to my meeting place, just for a one hour meeting. I can not just park my car on SOUTH FRONTAGE Road bc I do not want to walk a long distance. It is dangerous to park on SOUTH FRONTAGE, which is why neither my fellow Yale employees nor I can park there. Officers, even if it is a one hour meeting and you are on the job, please find LEGAL and SAFE parking places somewhere. The Air rights garage is directly across from the Child Study Center - this would give officers easy access to their vehicles in case of emergency (the ground level is largely vacant of cars).
  • State Street North New Haven, Connecticut - Downtown

    This busy stretch of New Haven roadway, one of the few logical ways to get from Union Station to downtown is painted with a meager shared lane marking for cyclists. It's a bit frustrating.

    Orange St also has only sharrows for much of its length. One can find evidence of even more relatively useless shared lane markings being added all over the city instead of actual bike lanes. Even traditional class 2 bike lanes are pretty outmoded these days, let alone sharrows.

    It would be nice to bike with less anxiety and fear in New Haven.

  • Sidewalks Archived
    29 Union Street New Haven, CT 06510, USA - Wooster Square
    Entire stretch of Union Street between Water and Fair is unwalkable on one side. Trash and overgrown vegetation and a sprawling homeless camp complete with makeshift toilet...all across from a school. Opposite the proposed Vision Trail. A complete mess.
  • 54 Meadow St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Hill
    With all the interest in recycling, and the fact that recycling can often make money, why don't the new haven public schools have a comprehensive recycling program? Surely we can find room in the curriculum to teach our children to take care of their world!