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Route 34-New Haven

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  • 109 Dwight Street New Haven, CT - Dwight
    Robber came through window (WITH BARS ON WINDOW) early in the morning Sunday July 29th between 5-7am. Car keys, house keys and wallet was stolen. Thief proceeded to steal car parked in parking lot of complex with a grey kayak attached at 12:30am July 30th Monday morning
  • 329-363 George Street New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Town_Green
    I don't think this guy is parked here illegally, but he's parked in the same spot every day for the past two weeks, and seems like he's just using it as advertising for his business. It's pretty ghetto.
  • 1123 Ella T Grasso Boulevard New Haven, Connecticut - New Haven - Ward 03
    The pedestrian signal to cross 6-lane Ella Grasso Boulevard at this location is 20 seconds, which is more than 4 feet of crossing distance per second. The standard for areas in which children and seniors are present is 3 or maximum 3.5 feet per second of crossing time. This intersection is directly adjacent to Barnard School and is an important access point for West River Memorial Park. The ped signal should be timed to at least 25-30 seconds.
  • 1025 Ella T Grasso Blvd New Haven, CT 06519, USA - West River
    Over 100 ATVs and Dirt Bikes gathering in the park at the end of Boulevard and Route 34. They are about to terrorize the city.
  • 20 York And Cedar Street New Haven, CT 06511, USA - New Haven - Ward 03
    Why aren't the no smoking signs enforced? Everyone just lights up at this corner and you navigate a sea of smoke to walk thru. I'd hate to be a patietn there with an allergy when employees and visitors just stand there and light up. No police enforcement by NH or Yale. so why bother with the signs
  • 363 To 401 Crown Street New Haven, Connecticut - Dwight
    The gas station at the corner of Crown and Howe Streets attracts quite a bit of illegal activity (drug overdoses, drug deals, illegal trash dumping, etc.). Ever since move in weekend (about 1.5 weeks ago) there have been multiple issues of homeless people digging through the trash at multiple addresses on this block and leaving it on the sidewalks, streets and driveways for others to clean up. This has now happened on the entire block 3 times in the last week an a half. Is there any way to increase the police presence at this end of crown street to try and stop this issue?
  • 60 Temple St New Haven, CT - Town_Green
    Not sure why Gateway was moved downtown rather than an easy on/off location at Long Wharf w/ plenty of parking, but there is obviously some fixing that need sot happen all the way around it. On George St., people are pulling over in the left turn onto Church lane to drop people off, causing 4 lanes of traffic to back up. Also, the entrance to Churcha nd surrounding areas from Rte 34 is totally a traffic jam at rush hour now, with NHPD traffic cops there to attempt to direct traffic. Are MY tax dollars paying for a private school's and city planner's poor traffic planning? I don't know what can be done now that the bldg is where it is and school has started, but something needs to be figured out. The city and Yale grew up together, so it works - but plunking another school down, a commuter one with almost as many cars as students, is not working. I am also noticing worse traffic on Chapel and Crown all of a sudden, too, as people try to avoid Gateway. This is a real headache for people who live and work here every day. Please deal with this.
  • Camera needed Acknowledged
    York And South Frontage - New Haven - Ward 03
    Cars on Frontage routinely run the red light at high speed We need a camera that identifies them and sends tickets to their owners, or an officer that tickets them on the spot. This should pay for itself in a few weeks and would make us all safer.
  • 200-238 Derby Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - New Haven - Ward 03
    There is a large fallen tree blocking the flow of the West River just below Derby Avenue. It is collecting a huge amount of trash, and also blocks canoe access in this area.
  • 542-550 George St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - West River
    The sidewalks in front of 542/544/550 George St and alongside 542 George and Day St are in poor condition, with tree roots sticking up creating an uneven and potentially dangerous situation. There are holes that are a tripping hazard as well. The sidewalks on the neighboring three corners are in good/excellent condition, but this corner looks very out of place. These sidewalks need replaced and repaired.
  • 3 High St New Haven, CT 06510 - Town_Green
    After streets were re-paved, these crosswalks were never painted back in. Particularly dangerous crossing George Street.
  • 60 College Street New Haven, Connecticut - New Haven - Ward 03

    With the ongoing construction in the area, it's especially important for safety for the pedestrian signals at the intersections of College and South Frontage, and College and North Frontage, to function properly.

    The pedestrian signals at the SW and SE corners of College and South Frontage are broken - their "push to cross" buttons do not work when pressed. This forces many pedestrians to simply run across the intersection while dodging cars. Please fix the "push to cross" buttons.

    The "push to cross" buttons are also broken on all 3 pedestrian signals at the intersection of College and North Frontage (NW, NE, and SE corners). Those 3 signals currently operate "automatically," i.e., allowing pedestrians to cross North Frontage when cars are stopped there, and allowing pedestrians to cross College Street when cars are stopped there. However, even then, the signals are "out of sync": The pedestrian signals turn "red" long before the corresponding traffic light changes color. Please fix the "push to cross" buttons, and/or make it so the pedestrian signals are "in sync" with the traffic lights. Thanks!