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Route 34-New Haven

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  • 220 South Frontage Road New Haven, CT - New Haven - Ward 03
    For years Yale service vehicles and external delivery trucks have used the *only* sidewalk available for pedestrians outside of 220 Frontage. Recently the problem has gotten worse, with vehicles staying there for long portions of time (today there was a vehicle that blocked the entire sidewalk for at least 6 hours). This becomes more of a problem in winter, where the grassy patch is iced over and unwalkable, and the road also has dangerous ice. People also should not have to dodge speeding traffic by the highway onramp when walking in the street to go around these vehicles!
  • Connecticut 34 New Haven, CT 06510, USA - Downtown
    Content blocked by rejections
  • Intersection Olive And Water Sts New Haven, CT - Wooster Square
    It is impossible to make a right turn onto Olive St from this intersection without veering over into the left turn path of southbound Olive St traffic. Currently while Olive St drivers have the green light, Water St drivers can and do pull out right into their path. Accident waiting to happen?
  • 30 Union Street New Haven Connecticut - Wooster Square
    First Student has a bus driver that uses Union Street as an all day parking place for their bus on weekdays. The bus parks near the corner of Union and Fair Streets. This intersection is a busy spot for cars and walkers. High School in the Community is located in this spot and many of their students are walkers who need to cross that intersection. Unfortunately, the intersection is a dangerous one and the site of frequent accidents. The bus that is parked along Union St chooses to park at the corner, and it obstructs the view of drivers and walkers. It is particularly dangerous to turn left from Fair onto Union or to go straight. There is no clear line of sight when the bus is parked at the intersection. Union Street should not be a parking lot for First Student buses, particularly when it results in safety issues for walkers and drivers.
  • 522 George St New Haven, CT 06511 - Dwight
    George St. is a "lesser evil" route for bicyclists coming to Yale from the Westville area. The 500 blocks of George St., however, is filled with many potholes in the "bike lane" between traffic and parked cars. Please fill them!
  • 229 George St New Haven, Connecticut - Town_Green
    We are the management team at the New Haven Hotel and we are located at 229 George st. We are desparate in need of the city help regarding installing speed bumps in between the Hotel and the school Cooperative Arts and Humanities high school. this is small street that separate both properties and must of the time people use it as a short cut and drive down fast, a potential for a big disater of getting a high school student hurt or one of our employees when they are getting out of our parking garage.
  • 16-32 Union Ave New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Long Wharf
    This two lane section going north is a no parking zone, but there are always a string of police cars parked in the right lane all day. This prevent bicycles from riding on the road, and also causes cars to have to merge suddenly.
  • 29 Union Street New Haven, Connecticut - Wooster Square
    Please clean up Union st, the trash is getting out of control over here.
  • 18-26 York St New Haven, CT - Dwight
    Currently if a person who wants to cross this intersection they need to push the pedestrian button to cross the street. Most people do not realize they need to push this button. The placement of them are not conveniently located for pedestrians. Instead of pushing the button the pedestrian signals should be automatically be part of the traffic pattern for when York intersects with both North and South Frontage road. There thousands of people who cross these two streets corners everyday and this little change would improve the safety of pedestrians.
  • 72-80 York Street New Haven, Connecticut - Dwight
    The pedestrian signal is not working on the corner of York St and North Frontage Road at Walgreens. There is no way to cross the street with the pedestrian signal. It makes it very dangerous and difficult to cross the intersection. It has not worked for the last month. Previously Issue ID: 1384502 was opened on December 2nd and was closed 2 days later saying the contractor has been notified. It now has been 2 weeks and the pedestrian signal has not been fixed.
  • Next To 175 Water St. - Wooster Square
    the garage next to High School in the Community is kept in filthy condition- weeds, bottles, dirt, and the disgusting graffitti the owner permits. This is not appropriate, especially near a NH school trying to attract out of district kids
  • Sidewalks Archived
    N Frontage Rd New Haven, CT 06510, USA - Town_Green
    Gateway's new building takes up half the sidewalk - clearly infringing on public right of way. What's the deal here?