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  • John St. & French St. Lowell, MA - Lowell

    There are two lanes north bound in John st. The left lane is dedicated as left-turn only, and the right lane is dedicated as either right-turn or go-straight. The problem is that the few cars that need to go straight to enter the Boott Mills Apartment (like myself) block the cars behind from turning right on the red light.

    This causes traffic congestion because the red light toward Boott Mill Apartment takes a long time to turn green. Also there is a city parking garage in that intersection and the cars that are trying to leave the garage are often stuck inside the garage until that traffic clears.

    I propose to mark the right lane as right-turn only, and mark the left lane with both left-turn and straight-forward arrows.

  • 30 Market St Lowell, MA - Lowell
    The barriers for the Centro Restaurant sidewalk seating area cause the sidewalk passage to become dangerously narrow. Elderly and other handicapped pedestrians are forced to run a gauntlet of scooters, bicycles, baby strollers and other vehicles in a space barely wide enough to walk in a single direction, let alone two.
  • 86 Market Street Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell
    Sharpie marker on plexiglass of brand new LRTA Shelter
  • Graffiti Archived
    116 John Street Lowell National Historical Park, Lowell, MA 01852, USA - Lowell
    River walk behind river place parking
  • Street Light Outage Acknowledged
    40 Market Street Lowell, MA 01852, USA - Lowell
    Almost all the street lights along credit union and parking garage are out. It makes it very dark and dangerous because you cannot see the sidewalk icy patches.
  • Sidewalk Repair Acknowledged
    135 Central Street Lowell National Historical Park, Lowell, MA 01852, USA - Lowell
    Stairs outside rear exit: edges of many of the steps are crumbling and need repair so that people don't fall down stairs.
  • 150 Middle Street Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell
    Is this sidewalk under repair? There are buckets with orange plastic fencing set up in front of the store that is blocking a portion of the sidewalk. I was walking in downtown on Saturday and while I could fit by the fencing on foot, this is making this sidewalk inaccessible for anyone using a walker/wheelchair/pushing a stroller.
  • 18 Shattuck Street Lowell National Historical Park, Lowell, MA 01852, USA - Lowell
    Storm drain washing out
  • 25 Market Street Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell
    The parking lot and alley behind 25 Market Street (Savannah, Eastern Bank, Talbott Building, etc.) is flooding and not draining during and after rain storms. This is a new phenomena. A large portion of the parking log, portions of the alleyway, and surrounding areas flood with over 1 ft. of water and ARE NOT draining. Standing water is present many, many days after rain. I believe this poses a health hazard.
  • Graffiti Acknowledged
    63 Canal Street Lowell, MA 01852, USA - Lowell
    Tag on granite slab in Kerouac Park
  • Traffic Concern Acknowledged
    82 Prescott Street Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell

    on central st facing the central/prescott traffic lites there are 2 lanes the RIGHT lane is to make right turns there is also a sign stating right lane for right turn only, i have observed NUMEROUS times that people in the LEFT LANE MAKE A RIGHT TURN!! this can and will eventually create an accident it has happened to me personally i would like this location closely monitored by the police in the area between the times of 4pm -7pm, ALSO i have noticed that cars in right lane makes a turn on red light at this signal where it specifically states NO RIGHT TURN ON RED; the other sign says DO NOT BLOCK INTERSECTION and i have seen these actions happen multiple times; along with a pedestrian crossing when the light turns green and not following the pedestrian signals.

    Thank YOU

  • 1-53 Prescott Street Lowell, MA 01852, USA - Lowell
    Seems I read recently of vehicles were to receive citations for parking on sidewalks. This is the third time I've observed this same vehicle parked on the sidewalk on Prescott St in exactly the same location. With the sidewalk on the left side of Prescott St blocked due to construction staging this presents pedestrians with no option other than to step into the street.