Downtown Lowell

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Watching issues created after: 2014-04-25

Lowell Downtown Neighborhood Association

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  • 40 Market Street Lowell, MA 01852, USA - Lowell
    Tv has been sitting on the sidewalk in front of Father Johns Bld for weeks.
  • 148-200 Market St Lowell National Historical Park, Lowell, MA 01852, USA - Lowell
    Failed utility cover in front of 181 Market Street
  • Other Archived
    271-323 Merrimack St Lowell, MA 01852, USA - Lowell
    Downtown polling place is not accessible
  • 61-99 John Street Lowell, MA 01852, USA - Lowell
    Trash needs to be cleaned up outside of the John st parking garage.
  • 307 Market Street Lowell MA - Lowell
    New graffiti has been found on the side of building next to empty lot
  • 1-99 Colburn Street Lowell, MA 01854, USA - Lowell
    City Official always parked here with expired plates.
  • Street Light Outage Acknowledged
    192 Appleton St Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell
    light out
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    81 Bridge Street Lowell, MA - Lowell
    Large pothole street across from Arthur's Diner leading into the community just before the train tracks,
  • 1 Shattuck Street Lowell, MA - Lowell
    As of 5:30am this morning the snow removal at the Shattuck Street bus from the fire hydrant to the the middle has not been removed from the sidewalk yet, if the Trolley City Bus tries to stop and pickup a handicap person they will be unable as the ramp is in the back part of the bus.
    Thanks for your attention on this matter.
  • Graffiti Archived
    116 John Street Lowell National Historical Park, Lowell, MA 01852, USA - Lowell
    On several Riverwalk light poles adjacent to the towers
  • Panhandler Archived
    55-99 Prescott Street Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell
    A guy is playing music outside our office building for money. We cant handle it anymore. Please help
  • 115 Foot Of John Street Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell
    The light at French @ John St. has repeatedly gone into "blink" mode lately, with the right of way given to French St. It makes it extremely difficult to exit or enter the Boott complex, and it's dangerous for pedestrians to cross. Is this an issue or for some reason being done on purpose?