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Watching issues created after: 2014-04-27

The Canton Compass encourages residents to report none emergency problems in Canton, such as potholes or ongoing speeding issues - anything that might have an impact on the quality of life and to which the town may choose to respond. Please keep things positive, friendly, and non-political and maybe we can help improve the town when problems come up. Thanks!
-John Fitts, Editor

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  • East Hill And Rt44 Canton, CT - Collinsville
    RT 44 needs a sidewalk going from East Hill Rd down towards oceanstate. There are two daycares and a housing complex.
  • Canton - Collinsville
    Police in this town don't enforce speeding, traffic laws. Somebodies gonna get hurt!!!!!!
  • 10 Country Ln Canton, CT 06019, USA - Collinsville
    Country Lane and Torrington Ave in Canton are a mess - the roads are literally falling apart, the guardrails are rusted through or falling down the hill and the street signs are spraypainted. The neighborhood needs some serious attention from the town.
  • North Street Canton, Connecticut - Collinsville
    North Street between Center and River Streets is ONE WAY. Traffic ignores this and goes up the hill. One alternative would be to install monitoring device, photograph offenders and ticket them via US Postal Service
  • Dowd Avenue Canton - Collinsville
    Route 44 at Dowd Avenue in Canton needs another lane designated for left turn onto Dowd Ave. Traffic is a nightmare there at rushhour with people jockying for position in the right lane and slowing down to 20mph to allow for everyone moving over. Adding another lane would allow traffic to flow better.
  • 57-61 E Hill Rd Canton, CT 06019, USA - Canton Valley
    Excessive speeding ,25 MPH speed limit through residental areas and most are exceeding 40 MPH and running of Stop signs on Canton backroads,Police don't enforce. Running of light on Rt.44 and East Hill Road a daily occurance. When I commute each morning and evening I witness at least 3-4 cars daily running the light and thats just when i'm at the light.TOTAL DISREGARD BY THE DRIVERS, when you pull away from a stop sign or a light in
    Canton be sure to look both ways first!!!When someone gets hurt or worst killed maybe someone will do something about it. Be sure to reference this posting when you file a lawsuit.
  • 55 Dowd - Collinsville
    The left turn from Route 44 onto Dowd is an awkward, non 90 degree turn. Many folks make this turn, and some are visitors, unfamiliar with the turn.
    The turn is hard to see at night, particularly, and also when roads are snow covered. I suggest that the curb on right of the town green be marked clearly with reflective yellow paint so drivers can avoid the curb and make a safe turn. Even after 30 years of doing this turn, it is a difficult one for me.
    Thanks!!!!!!! (PS I write this for many friends who also feel this turn is a non-marked problem turn)
  • Torrington Ave - Collinsville
    Excessive speeding on Torrington Ave. This road has a lot of walkers, joggers, and bicyclists on their way to the resevoir. People speed and dont slow down when there are pedestirans on the road. Maybe a digital speed sign could be put up for a while? I don't think people realize how fast they are actually going. I have stopped walking with my young child and dog due to speeding on this road.
  • Noise Open
    Dowd Ave Canton, CT - Canton Valley
    Excessive truck noise at all hours.
  • 338-364 Albany Turnpike Canton, CT 06019, USA - Canton Valley
    Loud noise at BreMar Rental. Driving around in the parking lot on some loud go-cart things, can hear it on Colony Rd and East Hill Apartments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 21-23 Pine Acres Drive Canton, CT 06019, USA - Hartford County
    There are at least a dozen pot holes in front of the homes stretching from 13- 23 Pine Acres Drive. That section of the road has seriously deteriorated since last winter. It needs to fixed before this coming winter!
  • 50-70 Dyer Ave Canton, CT - Collinsville
    Large pot hole at the intersection of Birch Knoll and Dyer. When meeting another car impossible to not hit.