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The Canton Compass encourages residents to report none emergency problems in Canton, such as potholes or ongoing speeding issues - anything that might have an impact on the quality of life and to which the town may choose to respond. Please keep things positive, friendly, and non-political and maybe we can help improve the town when problems come up. Thanks!
-John Fitts, Editor

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  • 11 Forest Ln Canton, CT 06019, USA - Hartford County
    Foreclosure, back in 2008...and now the property is being used by everyone as a dump site, for all kinds of garbage, it's a blight situation. No one seems to know what the bank that owns the property, if in fact they going to about this. It's a major eyesore...and our property values are down because of this. Every day the piles of garbage seem to multiply, and the Town of Canton, isn't too concerned by this. I am a property owner in this neighborhood. I pay "High" taxes to live here. I wish there was something that would get done to remedy this problem. I have personally witnessed people bringing in trash (tires, appliances, furniture, etc., etc., etc....
  • 50-70 Dyer Ave Canton, CT - Collinsville
    Large pot hole at the intersection of Birch Knoll and Dyer. When meeting another car impossible to not hit.
  • No power Archived
    8 Westview Drive Canton, CT - Hartford County
    No power
  • Traffic Open
    Dowd Ave Canton Valley, CT - Canton Valley
    Dowd Ave just has too much traffic and quality of life for those who live there is affected by the noise and waiting up to 5 min to turn out of their driveways.
  • 92-94 Torrington Avenue Canton, Connecticut - Collinsville
    The driveway at this residence is very steep. Every time we have heavy rain gravel gets washed into the street. A couple months ago a pickup truck kicked up a piece of gravel which struck my windshield, which needs to be replaced. Not inexpensive!
  • 161 Albany Turnpike Canton, Connecticut - Canton Valley
    Water pools in front of the lawn before reaching the drain. Huge waves of water are washing away the lawn.
  • Freedom Drive Canton, Connecticut - Collinsville
    Cracks, potholes, uneven pavement - Freedom Dr. is in terrible condition, is a complete eye sore, and an embarrassment to the beautiful town of Canton. Needs to be completely repaved.
  • Country Lane Collinsville, Connecticut - Collinsville
    Where the street splits off into a circle, there is a spot with a steep drop-off where no guardrails exist and there are no trees. If a car went slightly off the road and over the curb in this spot it would fall at least 20ft and would very likely crash into the house below.
  • 325 Albany Turnpike Canton, Connecticut - Canton Valley
    The left turn signal onto East Hill Road from Albany Turnpike (Route 44) does not turn green. We have been stopped for several cycles without a green turn signal.
  • Asylum Avenue & Woodland Street Hartford, CT - Collinsville
    There are absolutely NO lane lines on Asylum Avenue between Woodland and Sigourney streets...I see potential accidents nearly every time I travel by. Lines were added a year ago, but were promptly removed and never replaced
  • 2 Canton Springs Road Canton, Connecticut - Collinsville
    This intersection is the entrance to 1) town ball field, 2) fire station, 3)larger established Canton neighborhood with over 100 homes. However, the intersection has no crosswalk markings and it is often blocked by cars waiting for the light to turn, especially in the morning hours. The intersection could use a crosswalk and a sign to prohibit blocking the intersection.
  • 41-67 Dry Bridge Road Canton, Connecticut - Hartford County
    This road almost got me killed today. The road was almost completely untreated and despite anti-lock brakes and going no more than 10 MPH, my car slid down the hill like an ice skater only with less grace. There was also a Beacon Mechanical truck right behind me who also slide down the road and jackknifed. I thought for sure I was going into the guardrail. The town of Canton needs to make a a better effort to treat this road better before someone gets killed. I'm never taking Dry Bridge road during a snow storm for as long as I live.