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Washington Square West Neighborhood

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  • 334 S. 12th Street Philadelphia, PA - City Center East

    The south side wall of this condo building has been grafittied. It states "Lovers" scribbled in large yellow letters.


  • 250 South 13th Street Philadelphia, PA - City Center East
    Scaffolding surrounds two sides of the Lenox building for over three years. The wood is rotting and the area acts as a weather shield and cover of darkness for drug dealers, drug users and prostitutes. Both along 13th Street and along Irving Street. Graffiti covers many sections. Scaffolding is owned by John Weber, Inc. and the banner showing their name and 215-324-1418 has long since been removed. A drug user may be seen in the photo or, at any time of any day, in person.
  • 900 Spruce Street Philadelphia, PA - City Center East
  • 332 Quince St Philadelphia, PA - City Center East
    Broken Manhole cover is causing a dangerous condition
  • 236 S Juniper St Philadelphia, PA 19107 - City Center East
    Huge hole on side of street, watch out bikers
  • 1324 Locust Street Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA - City Center East
    Cornerstone Records Management Truck idles for hours at a time in front of Arts Condominium Building.
  • Pine And Spruce On The East Side Of Broad Street Especially. - Society Hill
    Deplorable condition of the Pine and Spruce bike lanes especially the east side of Broad Street. The road surface is beyond terrible. I was told by Councilman DiCicco that the streets were to be repaced last Spring. What's up with that?
  • 900-998 Rodman St Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - City Center East
    If you shop at whole foods then you have seen this car. It is always parked there. And PPA won't ticket it because of the FOP papers on the dashboard. Its time for somebody to do something about this.
  • 12th And Lombard Philadelphia, PA - City Center East
    Please add better lighting between South and Pine on 12th Street to make the neighborhood safer and detract prostitution and solicitation. Thank you.
  • 718 Pine Street Philadelphia, PA - Society Hill
    Approximately approximately 1 year ago, a contractor dug up the sidewalk in front of the house at 718 Pine Stree and plasced a fence around it, so that pedestrians must walk into the street. Construcytion activity has been almost nonexistent. Three calls to city authorities over the past 5 months have resulted in no change. This is a dangerous and unsightly condition.
  • 209 S. 13th St Philadelphia, PA - City Center East
    13th Street Pizza routinely denies access to the public bike rack in front of their pizza shop. They claim that they own the bike rack and that it is for their delivery people only.
  • 1110 Waverly St Philadelphia, PA - City Center East
    Our copper downspout was stolen from our home at 1110 Waverly approximately 3 weekends ago (Aug 11-12).