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Washington Square West Neighborhood

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  • 13th And Chancellor St Philadelphia, PA - City Center East
    A large pothole takes up a large portion of the bike lane.
  • 1329-39 Lombard St Philadelphia, PA - City Center East
    Apartment building leaves dumpsters on Juniper Street causing a possible hazard for passing vehicles. Dumpsters become filled with rubbish and at times trash overflows from the containers into Juniper Street. Containers should be kept on sidewalk against the building, not on the street.
  • 10th And Spruce Philadelphia, PA - City Center East

    sometimes i notice around the neighborhood mailmen and women not wearing uniforms. this has been going on for over a year.

    it just seems odd to me. without the uniform there is no proof they work for the US postal service. in essence it is a random person walking around with all our information.

  • 11th & Rodman Philadelphia, PA - City Center East
    all kinds of trash and litter,never picked up
  • 501-507 S 12th St Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - City Center East
    We understand that this property is being zoned for new construction. But in the meantime, who is responsible for removing the trash, weeds, and general mess that it is becoming while it awaits demolition which could take ages?
  • 1313 Spruce Street (Rear) Philadelphia, PA - City Center East
    Unsecured driveway acts as a place for prostitutes to turn tricks, public restroom, haven for drug deals and drug use, homeless dwelling, dog poop alley and a driveway in use 24 hours a day. I have also noticed a new tenant of this address that is doing quick deals with a certain silver van. People roam in and out all day and night long. I have more than enough photos of urinating, sex acts, drug use and basic filth.
    This property must be locked!
    This report is being filed from one of the highest-taxed private homes in center city and this is the view from my front door.
    This gate must be locked
  • 1100 Spruce St Philadelphia, PA - City Center East
    This block is always a mess. The residents or property owners who live on this block do not clean up ever. They put trash out on the wrong days, and they don't clean up the trash that is left in front of their property
  • 1000 Spruce Street Philadelphia, PA - City Center East
    Residents of Strickland Row Condo's at 1014 have been seen leaving trash besides the trash can located at 10th and Spruce over the weekend. This is an ongoing problem.
  • 256 S 8th St Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA - Society Hill
    Trash compactor broken open overflowing with smelly trash
  • 800 Spruce Street Philadelphia, PA - City Center East
    UPS, FedEx, USPS, and cars CONSTANTLY blocking bike lanes. Super dangerous and they never get ticketed. PPA should spend more time ticketing bike lanes and less stalking parking meters!
  • S 10th St And Spruce Philadelphia, PA - City Center East
    Someone has decided that this is their personal trash corner-- once the trash can is full they just put their household garbage near it, on top of it, and around it.
  • 1245 Lombard St Philadelphia, PA 19147 - City Center East
    Overgrown tree.