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Washington Square West Neighborhood

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  • 316 S. Juniper St. Philadelphia, PA - City Center East
    There is a ~50 foot dead tree outside 316 S. Juniper St. A very large branch already broke off this winter during a snowstorm, and the tree has potential to cause major damage if it falls.
  • 702-798 Delancey St Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA - Society Hill
    Between 9am and 5pm Pennsylvania Hospital shuttle buses routinely idle until their scheduled departure. Very often 2 shuttle buses idling at the same time on southern side of Delancey adjacent to parking garage. Idling time ranges from 5 to 15 minutes. This shuttle bus stop has had idling vehicles for 2-3 years.
  • 900-998 Rodman St Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - City Center East
    Dashboard information
  • 1134 Lombard St Philadelphia, PA - City Center East
    There is a long strip of Lombard street that is sinking along the curb that is getting worse. Now a crack is widening across the street as well. Has been reported multiple times on Streets website without response
  • 801 & 803 S. 11th St. Philadelphia, PA - City Center East
    Since the beginning of the summer there has been accumulating trash behind these buildings, in the alley behind them. I pulled out the weeds a week ago and left a message on the Church of the Living God which is 801 S. 11th St. where most of the trash is, but they did nothing about it. This morning I noticed the addition of a load of hoagie rolls on top of the trash; I can only assume they are from Petro's bread distributer @ 803 S. 11th which is next door. There is trash and high weeds all along that alley but the majority of it is directly behind 801 S. 11th.
  • 247 S Juniper St Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA - City Center East
    Idling for at least two hours as of 7:15 pm 10/01/11. Also parked on sidewalk. Part of Starr Events catering at Arts Tower condos.
  • S Watts St Philadelphia, PA - City Center East
    For the past month, Sumo Sushi's dumpster has moved away from all of the other dumpsters, and into the middle of the alley. Sometimes, due to this move, it winds up in the middle of the street. This in turn makes it impossible for cars to get through the street to their garages. The dumpster needs to be permanently placed back to where it is supposed to be, right on the corner of Watts and Pine, where all the other trash dumpsters are located.
  • 1132 Rodman St Philadelphia, PA - City Center East
    Mattress in alleyway
  • 133-199 S 8th St Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA - Old City
    Harassment and rage: The driver of a silver Lexus SUV (plate: YAN999) was traveling behind me, heading south on 8th Street. The driver rapidly accellerated towards me, then honked while slamming on their breaks and stopping just short of my rear wheel. The driver ran a red light in order to catch up to me and do this a total of 3 times between Chestnut and Locust Streets. I decided to slow my speed, hoping the driver would pass: While there was plenty of room to pass, the driver intentionally swerved towards me. I had to swerve dangerously close to parked cars to avoid being hit.
  • 3843 Philadelphia, PA - City Center East
    Trash on crub side walk
  • 1308 Drury Street Philadelphia, PA - City Center East
    Small Drury Street with only one or two businesses is one of the most disgusting streets in Center City! Almost 30 dumspters, and usually overflowing! With all the tourists visiting McGillian's, it is really embarrasing to all PHiladelphians.
  • 1014 Clinton Street Philadelphia, PA - City Center East
    Extremely unsafe sidewalk for several months.