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Deer Park Connect is a community engagement team that is looking to involve local residents to further their street repairs.

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  • 8207 Lake Ave Cincinnati, OH 45236, USA - Deer Park
    There are 3 schools within a short distance of my house and people coming down my street doesnt even stop at the stop sign they just blow on thru it as if it wasn't there . these children that are getting out of school in the afternoon are in danger of getting ran over my these people that don't stop . the police do patrol the area but i never see one sitting and watching the stop sign when school is letting out or any other time . they could make alot of fine money just sitting and watching this stop sign that's how bad it is.
  • Irwin Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio - Deer Park
    Unable to dodge the amount of potholes on this strip. Main issue is in between where Irwin connects with Redmont and Clifford.
  • Pothole Open
    4123 Saint Johns Terrace Cincinnati, Ohio - Deer Park
    Located here at 4123 there is a pothole that was not touched.