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MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities builds and maintains the physical environment for Michigan State University’s education, research and outreach missions, and directs the university’s sustainability initiatives and long-term infrastructure planning goals.

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  • Trowbridge Road East Lansing, Michigan - Michigan State University
    Are the bicycle lanes going to be plowed at some point? It hasn't snowed significantly during the past 24hours and the bike lanes are still packed with ice and snow. I would ride in the bike lane if it was just fresh snow. But all the clumps of ice and packed snow that have been thrown onto the bike lanes make them unusable. Side walks are clear. But I'm not allowed to use them per MSU ordinance. That puts me in the car lane. Please plow the streets (the whole street) properly.
  • 3299-3499 Collins Road Lansing, MI - Michigan State University
    The right side of Collins road from Dunkle to Forest has a seam/crack running most of the way that needs filling. The seam has no impact on auto traffic, however for those of us that cycle to MSU from work or classes, it is very dangerous. It is wider than a bike tire most of the way, causing tires to sink into the gap and causes riders to be thrown from their bikes. Please consider patching this, even if it is just the hot liquid tar filler.
  • 360 Forest Road Lansing, Michigan - Michigan State University
    On Forest Rd, especially between the intersection with Harrison Rd and Collins Rd, there are several soccer ball sized potholes. There are also many canyons parallel and perpendicular to the road.
    The road's condition is getting worse and worse. The current winter will leave a disastrous crater field behind. This needs to be fixed ASAP. The pictures and the video are from Summer 2013. The current conditions is way worse.
  • E Circle Dr East Lansing, MI - Michigan State University
    For just a few feet, not enough room for car and bike side-by-side in through lane. Could also be improved with pavement marking to reinforce right lane right turn only.
  • Farm Ln East Lansing, MI 48823, USA - Michigan State University
    On 11/4/10 CATA bus #540 passed a friend and I (we had the bright Planet Bike Superflash running and I was wearing a Class II safety vest) within a couple feet off our shoulders as we were riding our bikes southbound on Farm Ln. at about 7 pm. There was a car in the lane next to the bus but there was no traffic behind them; basically no reason for the bus driver to have not slowed down and waited for the car next to him to pass and then move over to avoid passing us so closely. Called in to CATA (394-1100 x236 - Operations Manager for fixed routes) and complained this morning. This was a series of similar incidents this past week that both I and other bicyclist friends have reported.
  • 4954-4998 Hagadorn Road East Lansing, Michigan - Michigan State University
    Pedestrians and bicyclists have an extremely difficult time crossing at this crosswalk. There is no traffic or pedestrian light. The cars going south are actually speeding up here as further south on the road the speed limit is 45 MPH. The intersection includes one of the main entrances to campus, so drivers are in a hurry and are impatient. Foot traffic here has increased dramatically due to the new student housing behind Hannah Plaza and the addition of the MSU Community Music School, which is now directly across the street from campus at this intersection. I made a video to better describe and show some of the issues. It is here:
  • 379-511 Michigan Avenue Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48823, USA - Michigan State University
    A well-used walkway coming down to Michigan Avenue from the campus side down to a snowbank; pedestrians have been climbing over the snowbanks to cross Michigan Avenue. This needs to be improved to be a safer crossing given the fact that there is a sidewalk and staircase coming down to Michigan Ave. and the well-worn foot path over the median.
  • 2900-2912 Collins Road Lansing, Michigan - Michigan State University
    The road is deteriorating across the entire southbound lane, forcing drivers into the northbound lane before there is any center turn lane. there is a stretch of around 50" with probably 30 potholes. also just north on the E/W portion of Collins in COL there are 3-4 really deep and large potholes. this is a major route and needs to be fixed
  • 138 Service Road East Lansing, Michigan - Michigan State University

    Be on the lookout for this truck & driver. At 1:30 pm I had a large truck on Monday, May 4th, pass me very close while I was riding in one of our narrower bike lanes on campus where there's 2 lanes in the same direction (Service Rd. near the Clinical Ctr. where the E& W lanes are separated by a median). He had no vehicle to his left (see attached photo just after he passed me showing his wheels actually in the bike lane) and could have easily moved over but didn't. I saw him turn into the shopping strip mall just east of Hagadorn Rd. so I followed him and had a chat with him.

    He made it very clear that he didn't give a crap about how close he came to me because "I was in the bike lane" according to him. I told him was much too close to be safe, and that if I'd crashed or had to avoid a pothole or dead animal that he would have run me over and killed me; he told me to not tell him how to drive his vehicle, that he's very experienced and wouldn't run me over if I'd crashed; I told him hundreds of bicyclists get killed by large trucks every year, that they're not able to move quickly enough to avoid running over a bicyclist in such tight quarters. He responded telling me he couldn't move over cause there was a vehicle next to him which my memory and photo proves was false. He then told me to get lost. I called his employer and filed a complaint. The driver was a black male in his late 30's to early 40's.

    If you'd like to help support some proposed laws to help protect bicyclists from this sort of thing happening please attend the upcoming Lucinda Means Bicycle Advocacy Day on May 20, 2015:

  • Bogue St East Lansing, MI - Michigan State University
    The S. bound crossing at Bogue St. by the Children's 4H Gardens is VERY badly deteriorated and will ruin bike and maybe car wheels/ suspension if you're not very careful when crossing.
  • Service Road East Lansing, Michigan - Michigan State University
    One of the two left turn signals (green arrow traffic lights) for left turning traffic from NB Harrison into WB Service (MSU printing services/former surplus store) is placed in such a way that it is pointing towards WB traffic on Service Rd. WB traffic on Service Rd sees this left turn green arrow, which creates a very confusing and dangerous situation, since NB traffic on Harrison has a green light as well.
  • Nb Harrison Left Turn Lane At Mount Hope East Lansing, MI - Michigan State University
    dangerous intersection for bicyclist because the pavement loop doesn't detect bicycles