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Westpark Neighborhood & East

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  • 12th And Fulton Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Two locations, both small: Family Dollar and the fire hydrants diagonally across the street at the old drive-thru on Fulton. The grass needs mowed/weed-eated at both locations. Both are businesses and should be FINED.
  • Concerned Archived
    1112 Hoover Pl Nw - Canton
    Tall grass. Has been abandoned for many years. Trash piled up on back side of this property.
  • Eyesore Archived
    1530 Woodland Ave Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Lot at 1530 Woodland Avenue NW is out control with high weeds and grass. Makes the neighborhood look rundown.
  • 1014 18th St. Nw Canton, OH - Canton
    This is my fourthtime reporting this issue. I have had to have pest control come and trap rodents off my roof plus repairs to my home!! They house nerds torn down. It is a rental in great need of repair
  • 1417-1449 Viola Pkwy Nw Canton, OH, 44708, USA - US Congressional District OH16
    The old Stables Restaurant, Timken Stables is falling apart and no one is being forced to clean this eyesore up? Why would Canton put up with this trash?? As a tax payer in this community, I'd like to see this building renovated or torn down.
  • 1333 Alta Place Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    This tree is growing into the road and scratches my car
  • Health Hazard Archived
    135 12th St Nw Canton, OH, 44703, USA - Canton
  • 1514 Fulton Road Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    tall grass. never mowed
  • 1507 Ridgeway Pl Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Whole side of house paint is chipped, front steps falling down, no permit for roof, one full green roofing material covering roof with a gray roofing material underneath that has holes in them.
  • 1207 Fulton Rd Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Graffiti on dumpster for family dollar. Business doesn't take care of their property. Please address.
  • 1231 Worley Ave Nw Canton, OH, 44703, USA - Canton
    This property has never been cleaned up I know it’s been reported before but it needs cleaned up This is not a duplicate because it’s never been followed through with a clean up old tires lots of trash lots of weeds This is an eye sore.
  • Property Board Up Acknowledged
    1423 Louisiana Ave Nw Canton, OH, 44703, USA - Canton
    This plywood and door has been kicked in for over a month now. CPD responded to this location at 4 am Easter morning with shotguns drawn! I'm getting really tired of these abandoned properties the city seems to ignore. Why does the city have a city ordinance if people don't have to follow it, and the city won't enforce it? This needs addressed!