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  • Complaint Acknowledged
    1731 Fulton Rd Nw Canton/Stark, Ohio - Canton
    This property is an apartment building which is beside my Mother’s home (1690 18th St NW, Canton, OH 44703). The brush and trees have overtaken her sidewalk and the postman has threatened to discontinue delivering her mail as a result. There is a pick up truck with 4 flat tires up on blocks. There is a tire in the yard and trash and debris scattered about. I made a complaint last year, but the owner did nothing. I hope this can be sorted out this year and the owner of this property comply with the request. I would like to meet with the officer when he comes out to inspect the property. My name is Cheryl and my cell phone number is 330-949-3126. I live two houses away from this apartment building which has truly become an eyesore. If you have any questions or would like me to submit more photos, please call me at 330-949-3126. Thank you so much for your help and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon. (I have more photos, but could only upload one).
  • 1413 Louisiana Ave Nw Canton, OH, 44703, USA - Canton
    Cars parking in alley way, blocking the use of it. My only entrance to my house is Harper place, when it's blocked by their cars my husband and I cannot get to our home. Please address this issue! This is one of the multiple vehicles that parks in the alley. I've asked them to stop and they say they don't have to, I shouldn't have to deal with this multiple times a week.
  • 1309 24th St Nw canton, ohio - Canton
    Content blocked by rejections
  • Health Hazard Archived
    1412 Woodland Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    The tenants of this house put their trash out to the curb on Wednesday 7/25 (photo), the day after pick-up. Trash pick-up is on TUESDAYS on our street meaning this pile (which is growing) won't be picked up until out next trash day 7/31. Animals are ripping open the bags. It's a mess.
  • Other Open
    Stadium Park Pond Canton, Ohio - Canton
    The pond at Stadium Park is a mess and a health hazard! After the $40,000 reportedly paid by the HOF and AEP (according to the Repository), we have a stagnant, mosquito-breeding eyesore! It is covered with algae and has no aeration.
    (Previously reported and confirmed by the Health Department-- See Click Fix--Issue ID: 4625124) This is not the way to restore the park after the HOF construction damages. The company who worked on this needs to be held accountable. It is unacceptable.
  • Open Dumping Archived
    1408 Piper Ct Nw Canton, OH, 44703, USA - Canton
    The tenants at 1408 Piper court continually throw trash bags and garbage out the front door where it sits for who knows how long. Garbage pick up was yesterday. This is an I hoping issue.
  • Graffiti Archived
    1000 12th St Nw Canton, OH 44703, USA - Canton
    This is sad. Children are getting on a school bus right next to this horrible painting. This needs to be covered up and he should be ashamed.
  • 1120 15th St Nw Canton, OH, 44703, USA - Canton
    school really needs something done with it an eyesore to canton if nothing is done we will have to elect someone who will get it done.
  • 420 15th St Nw Canton, OH 44703, USA - Canton
    Trash/Scrap piled all over! They throw extra trash over the fence into neighboring yard so often. Broken fence.
  • 1360 Woodland Ave Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    This property has 2 coops on their attached rear deck...the rooster crows each morning starting at 5:30am and continuing all day into the evening. The coops are in humane & the noise is a nuisance.
  • Trash truck Archived
    Oxford Canton, Ohio - Canton
    This sidewalk is less than a year old. I am afraid they are gonna break it. What do I have to do to get the trash guys to quit ruining my property?
  • 1000 12th St Nw Canton, OH 44703, USA - Canton
    Penis painted for all school children and neighbor children and visitors to Canton.